Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp (Horde)

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HordeSpecial Delivery for Brivelthwerp
Start Griznak
End Brivelthwerp
Level 41 (Requires 38)
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 455
Shareable Yes


Deliver the I-Scream Cryocannon to Brivelthwerp at the Sunken Dig Site in Thousand Needles.


I recently came into possession of something that needs to be delivered to a gnome that goes by the name, Brivelthwerp. It's more like Briveltwerp if you ask me.

I want you to take it to him in the southwest, down at the Sunken Dig Site. He's up to something and there's moolah involved... I can smell it!

Keep an eye on what he's doing, <name>, and see if you can't get a cut of his profits. A big cut!


That's not what I think it is? Is it?!


<Brivelthwerp eyes you up and down, but becomes overjoyed at the site of the special delivery.>

Welcome, friend, welcome! I'm going to give you the chance to get involved at the ground level of a once-in-a-lifetime opportuntity.

The entrepreneurial spirit knows nothing of the differences between the Alliance and the Horde!

Tell me... how do you feel about ice cream?


  1. B [41] Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp
  2. N [41] The Greatest Flavor in the World! / N [41] We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die!
  3. N [41] Freezing the Pipes / N [42] That Smart One's Gotta Go

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