Spectral Researcher

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MobSpectral Researcher
Image of Spectral Researcher
Race Wraith (Undead)
Level 41 - 42 Elite
Health 5,072 - 5,284
Mana 3,996 - 4,143
Wealth 13s 9c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Scholomance

Spectral Researchers are level 41-42 elite wraiths found in Scholomance.


  • Spell nature lightning.png  Wail of Souls — Inflicts Shadow damage to nearby enemies and hits them with anti-mana bolts, knocking them back.


Tactical Notes

These mobs engage in moderately strong melee damage, and are able to temporarily render themselves invulnerable and then fully heal themselves at a cost of around 1,000 mana. Ideally they should be crowd controlled (via either Shackle or [Freezing Trap]) until the rest of the mobs in their group are dead, at which point they should be killed with maximum speed in order to prevent them from self-healing.

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