Spectral Tutor

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MobSpectral Tutor
Image of Spectral Tutor
Race Wraith (Undead)
Level 41-42 Elite
Health 5,072 - 5,284
Mana 3,996 - 4,143
Wealth 13s 18c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Scholomance

Spectral Tutors are level 41-42 elite wraiths that can be found in Scholomance. This mob's abilities are [Mana Burn], [Silence] (AoE silence), Spectral Projection. (Turns invulnerable, summons 5 Speltral Projections to attack, often heals to full, 6 sec duration)

Because of Spectral Projection, these mobs must be killed as quickly as possible.


  • Spell shadow impphaseshift.png  Image Projection — Summons 5 Spectral Projection to fight in the place of the caster, who becomes invisible and invulnerable, though unable to act. After 6 sec., these apparitions sacrifice their lives to heal the caster, who resumes the battle.
  • Spell holy silence.png  Silence — Silences nearby enemies, preventing them from casting spells for 5 sec.

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