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The Professions tab of the Spellbook & Abilities interface

The Spellbook & Abilities interface (Hotkey: P) allows players to inspect their abilities and professions, and provides some basic information about each specialization's 'core abilities'.

The interface has three tabs: Spellbook, Professions and Core Abilities.


Main article: Spellbook

The Spellbook contains a list of all spells and abilities known by your character, including general abilities, class abilities, guild perks and racial traits. Abilities for non-current specializations can also be inspected.


Main article: Professions tab

The Professions tab lists the player's current primary professions, as well as all secondary professions, and provides easy access to all related abilities and crafting interfaces.

The Core Abilities tab

Core Abilities

The Core Abilities tab lists up to 6 abilities for each of the character's possible specializations. A tab on the right-hand side allows the player to view the information for each specialization.

This section gives a rough introduction to the class, highlighting a few of the most important abilities and explaining their basic uses and place in the spec's arsenal.

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