Spellstrike Infusion

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  • Spellstrike Infusion
  • 27 Armor
    +27 [+12] Stamina
    +48 Intellect
  • +31 Critical Strike
    +24 Haste
  • Spellstrike Infusion (2 pieces)
  • Requires Tailoring (350)
  •  [Spellstrike Hood]
     [Spellstrike Pants]
  • (2) Set: Gives a chance when your harmful spells land to increase the damage of your spells and effects by 92 for 10 sec.
  • Combined stats.

Spellstrike Infusion is a cloth epic crafted set from the Burning Crusade. It is crafted by Tailoring.


All items are crafted via Tailoring

Item Crafting Materials
[Spellstrike Hood] 10x  [Spellcloth], 5x  [Primal Might], 1x  [Primal Nether]
[Spellstrike Pants] 10x  [Spellcloth], 5x  [Primal Might], 1x  [Primal Nether]



Spellstrike Infusion

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