Spirestone Butcher

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BossSpirestone Butcher
Image of Spirestone Butcher
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 58 Rare Elite
Health 68,904
Wealth 16s 93c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Spirestone clan
Location Lower Blackrock Spire
Status Killable
Lower Blackrock Spire

Burning Felguard (rare)
Spirestone Butcher (rare)
Spirestone Battle Lord (rare)
Spirestone Lord Magus (rare)
Highlord Omokk
Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin
War Master Voone
Mor Grayhoof (summoned)
Bannok Grimaxe (rare)
Mother Smolderweb
Crystal Fang (rare)
Urok Doomhowl (summoned)
Quartermaster Zigris
Gizrul the Slavener
Ghok Bashguud (rare)
Overlord Wyrmthalak




The Spirestone Butcher is a level 57 elite rare mob ogre found in Lower Blackrock Spire.

He patrols in the hallway leading to Highlord Omokk, leader of the Spirestone tribe. Because he patrols alone, as long as you've cleared the first three ogres you'll see as you come down from the main instance entrance, he's an easy fight. If you're not careful, he can become an add to that first three-ogre fight, making him more challenging. He hits hard but goes down quickly.


Inv misc cape 18.png [Butcher's Apron] Inv pick 05.png [Rivenspike]

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