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A Spirit Healer in the TCG.
It is not yet your time. I shall aid your journey back to the realm of the living.
— A Spirit Healer[1]

Spirit Healers are angelic beings usually encountered at a graveyard after death. These floating figures of death and rebirth return people to life where their spirit stands.[2] The Spirit Healers are Watchers, kyrian whose role is to eternally evaluate souls. They are called to those who die to peer into the soul's inner self and evaluate whether they are ready to be dead. If the Watchers deem the soul ready, they will call forth a kyrian Bearer to come and bring their soul to the Shadowlands. If they aren't ready, the Watchers return them to life.[3]

Spirit Healers have blue skin and white wrappings, and their wings are a paler blue. As evidenced by their similar appearance, Spirit Healers are the progeny of the kyrian of Bastion, a prominent Covenant within the Shadowlands.[4]


The Spirit Healer of the graveyard in Brill in the Tirisfal Glades.

Spirit Healers are able to resurrect players at the cost of 25% durability loss to all items (both equipped and in inventory) at the graveyard where they are found. In addition, if you are resurrected by a Spirit Healer, you will suffer from [Resurrection Sickness]. This debuff decreases all of your attributes and damage dealt by 75%, and has a duration that varies depending on your level:

  • Characters level 10 and under will NOT gain Resurrection Sickness.
  • Characters level 11-19 will gain one minute of Resurrection Sickness for each level above 10 (i.e. a level 12 character will get 2 minutes and a level 15 character will get 5 minutes).
  • Characters level 20 and up will gain 10 minutes of Resurrection Sickness.

Players that have the Resurrection Sickness debuff also do not award [Honor Points] if killed by a player of the opposite faction.

If you run to a Spirit Healer at another graveyard and ask her to bring you back to life she will do so, but the resurrection sends you back to the graveyard at which you originally spawned as a ghost.

In battlegrounds, PvP zones, and hub zones such as Tol Barad Peninsula, Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle, generic Spirit Healers are replaced with Spirit Guides specific to the Alliance or Horde, who automatically resurrect all nearby players of the appropriate faction on a regular cycle. Players resurrected in this way do not suffer resurrection sickness or take further durability damage, and resurrect with full health and mana, along with any pets or minions.

Spirit healers are functionally replaced by Val'kyr Battle-maidens in the death knight starting experience, Dark Val'kyr Healers in Helheim, Prime Naaru on Argus, and Bwonsamdi on Zandalar.


Koiter seen by the living.


When spoken to
It is not yet your time. I shall aid your journey back to the realm of the living... for a price.
Binder Return me to life.

Choosing "Return me to life" will open the following notice window, with the option to either Accept or Cancel.

If you find your corpse, you can resurrect for no penalty. If I resurrect you all of your items will take up to 25% durability damage (equipped and inventory) and you will be afflicted by <1-10> minutes of Resurrection Sickness.

Accepting will create another window, again with the option to Accept or Cancel.

Remember, if you find your corpse there is no penalty. Are you sure you want to take up to 25% durability damage (equipped and inventory) and incur <1-10> minutes of Resurrection Sickness?
Regarding A Dark Place
Gossip I'm looking for a little girl named Uuna, have you seen her?
I have heard the cries of the child you speak of.
I shall mark you, that you may pass into this realm and seek her out.
She resides in a place where the barrier between the realms of life and death are[sic] thin, and spill over into your world.
Be warned, you have no power in this place, its denizens cannot be harmed by mortals.
Try as you might, you may not be able to aid your friend.

Notes and trivia

  • A dread raven Spirit Healer[5] can be found in a corner of Skettis in the Spires of Arak, surrounded by several kaliri spirits.
  • A deep sea murloc Spirit Healer[6] can be found underwater off the Timeworn Strand in Azsuna, and on a few islands.
  •  [Brynja's Beacon] toy changes the model of the Spirit Healer to a Val'kyr model.
  • The Spirit Healers' appearance is similar to the archangels from Blizzard's Diablo series; in both cases, the "wings" of the beings are in fact tendrils of energy arranged in a wing-shaped configuration.
  • Purchasing a  [Blood-Soaked Angel Figurine] in the Brawler's Guild will cause Lidiya Peyton/Esme Sunshadow to yell Attention, brawlers! <name> has made a bargain with the Spirit Healers! Go ahead and die as much as you want! and cause a Spirit Healer to appear in Bizmo's Brawlpub/Brawl'gar Arena for 10 minutes, allowing players to resurrect inside the Brawler's Guild instead of having to run back in from Stormwind City or Orgrimmar. This Brawler's Guild Spirit Healer remains visible to all players even while they are alive.
  • Until some time in 2010, logging out and back in while a ghost would remove the restriction tying the character to the Spirit Healer nearest to its death. Thus, it was possible for a character to die in one zone, reach a Spirit Healer far away, relog, and resurrect safely at that Spirit Healer. The minimap arrow (GuideMinimapArrow up 16x16.png) for the nearest Spirit Healer would also disappear.
  • In Heroes of the Storm, a Spirit Healer can be seen in the lower right corner of the battleground Towers of Doom while the player's character is dead. Spirit Healers also appear in the Alterac Pass battleground as respawners.
    • In the same game, Auriel, a character from Diablo, has a skin called "Spirit Healer Auriel".
  • The Guardian Spirits summoned by Lesser Pearl Spellstone in Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs resemble golden armored Spirit Healers.
  • It was previously stated that the spirit healers were Val'kyr who split from the Valarjar after Odyn and his forces were imprisoned within the Halls of Valor by Helya, and decided to disappear into the Shadowlands. The few Val'kyr who still had nobility in their souls dedicated themselves to watching over the physical world, and from within the Shadowlands, they would occasionally guide the dead back to the realm of the living.[7] This was retconned with Shadowlands.[4][3]


Heroes of the Storm

Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): When a player dies in an instance and then uses the spirit healer, the body in the instance now turns to bones.
  • PTR client.png Patch 0.6 (2004-04-13): Spirit healers are now ghosts and can only be seen by players in ghost form.

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