Spirit of Eskhandar

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  • Spirit of Eskhandar
  • +8 Agility
  • Chance on hit: Increases your haste rating by 300 for 5 sec.
    Chance on hit: Slows enemy's movement by 60% and causes them to bleed for 150 damage over 30 sec.
  • Spirit of Eskhandar (2 pieces)
  • [Eskhandar's Right Claw]
    [Eskhandar's Left Claw]
  • (2) Set: 1% chance on a melee critical hit to call forth the spirit of Eskhandar to protect you in battle for 2 min.
  • Combined stats.
Forsaken With Spirit of Eskhandar


Spirit of Eskhandar
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Notes and trivia

  • About the Spirit of Eskhandar itself: this little guy actually procs quite often (1% while landing a critical strike). As it can prove to be very handy while farming, it can also be a real danger for its owner. Eskhandar is considered as a "Guardian of" and as such is automatically in aggressive mode, meaning it will attack non-neutral enemy near its owner. Even a AQ20 Buru's egg...
  • The programmer who wrote parts of the combat systems for the original 60-levels version of World of Warcraft liked the history of Macedon and Alexander the Great, and also the 1975 movie The Man Who Would Be King. In that movie, Alexander's name was pronounced by the actors as Sekandar, and at first the programmer was going to use that name for his new cat. A Persian co-worker in the computer department of CSUF told the cat's owner that Eskhandar was the name Alex in his native Farsi, so the cat's name ultimately became Eskhandar, Alex for short, in 1989. The cat, born even before Blizzard, died during WoW development. An item designers, upon request, created the Spirit of Eskhandar set since that cat had "seen" the release of every Blizzard title going back to Rock n' Roll Racing and Lost Vikings.

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