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Spiritbinders (also spelled as spirit binders)[1] are dark casters, notably found among the mogu and Zandalari troll races.

For many ages, the mogu used flesh as a weapon: warped, bent, and twisted to their malevolent will. But after their failures in creating the saurok race, the mogu sought to create another weapon... this time forged with total obedience. Their ancient research delivered to them methods of turning flesh to stone, and back again. Lifeless rock could be animated, providing a willing (or unwilling) soul could be captured within. These dark rituals created the Stoneborn, soldiers of jade and dark magic forged from the living essence of conquered victims. These creations were powerful... terrible to behold, and above all else, one hundred percent loyal to their mogu masters.[1] Death was not final for some mogu, instead being a mere stop over on the path to a new body. Spiritbinders used their foul magic to transfer these spirits from one shell to the next.[2]

The Tomb of Secrets contains an urn of some remains of a powerful mogu spirit-binder. The ashes were eaten by the adventurers.

The mogu use Spirit Traps to capture spirits that they later use for rituals and conjurations.[3] Spirit binding rituals are carried out within the Ruins of Ogudei.[4]

Some Zandalari spiritbinders wear ornate scrimshaws. An example being a serpent intricately carved around a large snake fang.[5]

Spiritbound creatures share the harm dealt to them.[6]






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