Spirits Be Praised

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HordeSpirits Be Praised

8 (Requires 4)






+250 Orgrimmar


2s 25c


Escort Grandmatron Tekla to Raggaran.

  • Escort Grandmatron Tekla to Raggaran


Who are you? What happened?

I was alone in my hut, meditating, when...

Ahh, I remember now. The spirits cried out, and the river swept in. I'm lucky that you found me here. I am old, and no longer physically able to endure the elements like this. Will you lead me out of here?


You will receive: 2s 25c


My grandmother was a powerful shaman in her day. I thought she had lost most of her powers in her old age, but I suppose some things stay with you forever.


This quest is required to complete the quest H [8] Watershed Patrol.

If Grandmatron Tekla is not in the hut, someone else is probably doing the quest. She should appear back in the hut within a minute or two.

Halfway through the escort, Grandmatron Tekla will cast Water Walking on herself and the player. This spell lasts for 10 minutes, and unlike most water walking spells will not break on damage. In the last third of the escort, Grandmatron Tekla will cast Air Spirit's Boon on herself. This will cause her to float, and she will no longer aggro mobs.


She will go high enough in the air to get Thonk's attention.

Upon accepting the

Grandmatron Tekla says: Let us be off then. Take me to my grandson Raggaran.

On reaching some water:

Grandmatron Tekla says: I'm tired of wading in water. Let's make this a little bit easier on ourselves, shall we? Spirits of water, come to my aid!

She casts Inv boots plate 13.png  Water Walking — Grants target the ability to walk on water for 10 min on herself and her escort.

A short distance after crossing the water:

Grandmatron Tekla says: No! M-my ankle! I'm not sure I can make it... after we've come so far...
Grandmatron Tekla yells: Spirits of air! Come to my aid!

She casts Inv elemental mote air01.png  Air Spirit's Boon — Asks for the blessing of the Air Spirit. This blessing envelopes her in a mini-tornado which lifts her into the air and carries her the remaining distance to Raggaran.

Grandmatron Tekla says: We can continue now, I think. Let us press on.

On reaching Raggaran, she will land and greet him.

Grandmatron Tekla says: Raggaran, I'm safe.
Raggaran says: Grandmatron... you're alive!


  1. H [7] Meats to Orgrimmar (start of the flight path quest line)
    1. H [7] Ride to Orgrimmar
    2. H [7] Doras the Wind Rider Master
    3. H [7] Return to Razor Hill
  2. H [7] From Bad to Worse/H [7] Exploiting the Situation
  3. After H [7] Shipwreck Searching: H [8] Thonk
    1. H [8] Lost in the Floods
    2. H [8] Watershed Patrol

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