Spiritsinger Umbra

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NeutralSpiritsinger Umbra
Image of Spiritsinger Umbra
Gender Female
Race Tortollan
Occupation Leader of the tortollans
Location Un'Goro Crater

This article contains information and lore exclusive to Hearthstone, and is considered non-canon.

She sees the fate of anyone she meets, but it's always the same: dinosaur attack.
— Flavor text

Spiritsinger Umbra is the leader of the tortollans of Un'Goro Crater in the Journey to Un'Goro expansion for Hearthstone.


After Professor Doyle and Eddie Malone were rescued from a group of saurok by the tortollans, Eddie asked Umbra for help in finding the other expedition members. Umbra simply smiled and said "The greatest virtue is patience".

After Doyle and Eddie spent a few days in a murloc village atop the back of a gentle megasaur, Umbra shouted something to the murloc leader and pointed in the direction of the volcano in the center of Un'Goro, causing the entire village to begin moving in that direction. When they arrived at the foot of the volcano, Umbra took the two explorers aside and told them to climb the "fire mountain" to see "the truth", leaving Eddie to wonder what she meant.

After a series of adventures, the two explorers reached a crystal cave which served as the home of the legendary Galvadon, as well as a group of paladins from a lost expedition. The adventurers were informed that Umbra had told the paladins to expect Doyle and Eddie, and Eddie surmised that Umbra was the one who had sent the giant pterrordax that rescued them from Fire Plume Ridge earlier. The paladins and adventurers mounted up on stegodons and began heading for the Waygate, but along the way they ran into trouble with some saurok. The saurok had amassed an army of dinosaurs and demons, leading to an epic battle. According to Eddie, the real hero of the battle was Umbra, who started singing in an eerie voice, causing spirits to rise out of the heroes' allies and fight alongside them. Eventually, the saurok surrendered and joined in with the heroes on their journey to the Waygate. Once at the Waygate, Amara, Warden of Hope led a great ritual to open the gate, but Umbra kept looking at the sky and seemed anxious to get going. Suddenly a meteor appeared in the sky, but before long the Waygate flashed with blinding light and the meteor was gone. Everyone started going their separate ways, but before they left, Umbra and the tortollans solemnly thanked Doyle and Eddie and promised to help them get back to their expedition. Umbra made good on her promise and her pterrordax friend dropped the two adventurers off near where their adventure in Un'Goro originally began, though Eddie suspects that the beast dropped Doyle a little harder on purpose.[1]


The greatest virtue is patience.
Haste makes waste.


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