Spiteful Apparition

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For the Azerite trait, see [Spiteful Apparitions].
MobSpiteful Apparition
Image of Spiteful Apparition
Race(s) Floating skull (Undead)
Level 80
Resource Mana
Location Forge of Souls, Icecrown Citadel
Status Killable

Spiteful Apparition can be found in the Forge of Souls of the Frozen Halls in Icecrown, they appear out of thin air and attack a random party member, then disappear. It is very difficult to kill them before they use their attack and despawn.


  • Inv elemental primal shadow.png  Spite 15 yd range — Deals 4500 to 5500 Shadow damage to enemies within 15 yards. 3 sec cast. 7200-8800 on Heroic

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