Spoils of Theramore

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Spoils of Theramore was rewarded from the scenario Theramore's Fall before Mists of Pandaria.

Note that the  [Theramore Tabard] and the  [Mini Mana Bomb] are not contained in the loot bag, but were instead mailed directly to players upon their first completion of the scenario, but only for the level 85 one week event.


The loot bag most likely contains five faction-appropriate fireworks, but may rarely contain instead item level 384 headgear and weapons,+10 gold, or a permanent version of the faction-appropriate fireworks:

 [Spoils of Theramore]
Item Type Stats
Alliance  [Alliance Firework] x5 Consumable
Alliance  [Everlasting Alliance Firework] Vanity
Horde  [Horde Firework] x5 Consumable
Horde  [Everlasting Horde Firework] Vanity
 [Theramore Arcanist's Hat] Cloth head Intellect/spirit
 [Squallshaper's Hat] Cloth head Intellect/hit
 [Rok'nah Hag's Hat] Cloth head Intellect/haste
 [Rok'nah Raider's Helm] Leather head Intellect/spirit
 [Rok'nah Skirmisher's Helm] Leather head Agility/haste
 [Rok'nah Wolfcaller's Helm] Mail head Intellect/spirit
 [Rok'nah Wolfstalker's Helm] Mail head Agility/haste
 [Golden Circlet] Plate head Strength/parry
 [Black Circlet] Plate head Strength/crit
 [Silver Circlet] Plate head Intellect/spirit
 [Blood Guard's Shield] Shield Intellect/spirit
 [Overseer's Handaxe] One-hand axe Agility/crit
 [Grunt's Greataxe] Two-hand axe Strength/haste
 [Marine's Rifle] Gun Agility/crit
 [Skirmisher's Spear] Polearm Agility/crit
 [Captain's Cutlass] One-hand sword Strength/parry
 [Sailor's Scimitar] One-hand sword Strength/hit
 [Staff of the Faithful] Staff Intellect/spirit
 [Archmage's Staff] Staff Intellect/hit
 [Marksman's Blade] Dagger Agility/hit

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