Spy's Logbook

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Spy's Logbook

The Spy's Logbook is a small logbook lying on top of a bedroll in a small camp just southeast of Drov the Ruiner's area in the Valley of Destruction in Gorgrond.[45, 42.6] It details an Iron Horde spy's — presumably the Grom'kar Scout Sniper's — observations of Drov and the other magnaron in the area. The Sniper's Crossbow can be found nearby.


Spy's Logbook

I have set up a small camp in a spot far enough from my target to avoid detection. The Laughing Skull we have "persuaded" to give us information call this one Drov the Ruiner.

These magnaron can be used for the Iron Horde, I know it!

The beast stands there most days tracing runes in the earth, almost if[sic] it is casting spells. Other magnaron wander about killing and destroying the earth but this one watches.

It may have some way to talk to the others I cannot understand.

A group of adventurers from the other world arrived and set upon Drov. It crushed them utterly. It is without emotion I think and its power is overwhelming.

I am not sure it can be conquered...

Another group arrived and were beaten back many times.

While the group did manage to do noticeable damage they eventually were forced to retreat after extremely heavy losses.

During the encounter I swear the monster looked straight at me as it crushed a human paladin to paste. I think it knows I am watching...

I was busy skinning some fresh meat when a large boulder hit the side of my "camp". I almost fell off. When I spun around the magnaron was just standing there as usual, watching the horizon and drawing in the earth.

I think it might have looked at me out of the corner of its eye though. I think my time here is nearly done...

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