Spymaster Thalodien (Servants of the Betrayer)

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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
Name Faction Supertype Type Talent Subtype Card

Neutral Spymaster Thalodien Neutral Ally
Talent Professions Tags
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Full Art

Scryer Reputation
Sabotage: Deck
When Talodien sabotages a deck, reveal cards from the top until you reveal a non-quest card. Remove that card from the game and put the rest on the bottom. You may play that card without paying its play cost this turn. (If it has X in its play cost, X is 0.)
"My tactics are not subtle, but they work."
Race Class ATK type ATK Def Strike cost
Blood Elf Rogue Melee 4
Put the rest on the bottom in any order. Playing that card without paying its cost is an alternate cost, so you can’t choose any other alternate cost it might have. Playing a card from your RFG zone is the same as playing it from your hand in all other ways. For example, any restrictions on when it can be played must still be observed.
Allowed Cost
Race Class Profession
Set Number Rarity Artist Health
Servants of the Betrayer 207/264 Epic Aleksi Briclot 5