Spymistress Mehlisah Highcrown

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NeutralSpymistress Mehlisah Highcrown
Image of Spymistress Mehlisah Highcrown
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 70
Class Rogue[citation needed] 
Health 7,300
Mana 3,155
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Lower City
Occupation Spymistress
Location Shattrath City[50.4, 45.4]
Status Alive

Spymistress Mehlisah Highcrown is a level 70 human located in the Terrace of Light of the neutral Shattrath City. She is the representative of the Lower City who tries to persuade A'dal for help in the battle against the Shadow Council. Refugees each day come to her and express their concerns and seek help for their woes caused by the Shadow Council.


As a representative of the Lower City, I'm here to put forward our case that Auchindoun must be cleared of its Shadow Council infestation. That is, if we're to have any hope for a future and stave off the possibility of a cataclysm greater that the creation of the Bone Wastes!

All of our peoples have suffered too much already. I am here to see to it that the suffering stops!


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