Sra'thik Amber-Trapper

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BossSra'thik Amber-Trapper
Image of Sra'thik Amber-Trapper
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level 92 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sra'thik
Location Heart of Fear

Sra'thik Amber-Trappers are mantid located in the Heart of Fear.


  • Inv misc uncutgemnormal.png  Amber Prison — Sra'thik Amber-Trappers imprison a random player in amber, stunning them until freed. Players can smash an Amber Prison and free the imprisoned allies inside by interacting with it. Residue afflicts players who destroy Amber Prisons.
    • Spell arcane arcanepotency.png  Residue — Residue prevents a player from destroying Amber Prisons for 115 seconds.
  • Spell yorsahj bloodboil yellow.png  Corrosive Resin — Sra'thik Amber-Trappers cover a player in 5 stacks of Corrosive Resin for 30 sec, inflicting 5,000[Notes 1] Nature damage every second per stack. Moving while afflicted by Corrosive Resin removes a stack of Corrosive Resin and creates a Corrosive Resin Pool at the player's location.
    • Inv misc demonsoul.png  Corrosive Resin Pool — Corrosive Resin Pools inflict 15,000[Notes 2] Nature damage every second to all players within the pool.


  1. ^ Corrosive Resin:
    • 10: 10K
    • 10H: 30K
    • LFR: 5K
    • 25: 10K
    • 25H: 30K
  2. ^ Corrosive Resin Pool:
    • 10: 30K
    • 10H: 70K
    • LFR: 15K
    • 25: 30K
    • 25H: 70K

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