Stargazer Luna

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NeutralStargazer Luna
Image of Stargazer Luna
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Affiliation(s) Dr. Boom
Occupation Astromancer
Location Underground lab in Netherstorm[1]

This article contains information and lore exclusive to Hearthstone, and is considered non-canon.

The future is ours.
— Summoned
Help Luna align the stars! (And her minions).
— Boss description

Stargazer Luna is a draenei who works for Dr. Boom. Giving her the resources she needs, her field of work is astronomy, trying to figure out how to make the stars align. She shares her assistants with Zerek, Master Cloner, something he is not happy about.

Lab Log


Recording Mech Unit: Microbot POK-E

What are you doing in my observatory? I didn’t requisition any microbots. Tell that fool Boom that I don’t need more idiot Mechs—I need assistants who can think for themselves!

microbot POK-E indignant retort::

Ah, another Boomsday Project update? Very well. Strike the preceding from the transcript.

My people, the Draenei, have always had a special kinship with the stars. They navigated through them, traveled among them . . . but their vision was always too narrow. Always intent on petty things like the Light, finding a new planet to inhabit, the survival of our species—rather than opening their eyes to the wonders that they could reach for and almost touch!

Come! Look! My grand observatory, so generously provided by Dr. Boom and Boom Labs, lies at the highest point in Netherstorm. Here we are ideally—uniquely—situated to study the mysteries of the universe. My work here involves much, much more than squinting through a telescope, as that multiplying moron Zerek claims.

If only you knew what lay beyond! In those vast reaches, the solution to every puzzle can be found. The patterns of the stars encompass all the mysteries of time and space. A study of celestial alignments reveals hints of cosmic horrors patiently hastening the inevitable heat death of the universe. Ah, it’s heavenly!

Not all have the vision to appreciate it, sadly. My colleagues are consumed with paltry, material things. Resources. Power. Food. Sleep. Distractions! Why waste precious time on such things when the vast riddle of the heavens is written above, waiting to be unraveled? And controlled!

microbot POK-E query::

Proof? Come closer, my little loose-screwed skeptic. Behold the tools of creation! An entire simulated galaxy: its energies tamed, its harmonies harnessed, and small enough to slip into a pocket. Is THAT good enough for Boom’s little project?[2]


  • "Luna" means "moon" in Latin.


  1. ^ Dexter the Dendrologist: We are running out of daylight. Oh, wait. We are underground.
  2. ^ The Boomsday Project: Lab Logs Part 1

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