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Stay of Execution

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Not to be confused with  [Stay of Execution].
AllianceStay of Execution

120 (Requires 120)




1,000 [Azerite]
46g 80s


A [120] Payment in Kind

For the Horde version of this quest, see H [120] Stay of Execution.


Complete the "Stay of Execution" Scenario.


When I was younger, Baine Bloodhoof and I began exchanging letters. Through our unlikely friendship, I learned that there was nobility in the Horde.

He proved that by defying Sylvanas when she planned to strip the free will from Derek Proudmoore. That act of nobility will cost him his life... unless we intervene.

If there is to be peace in Azeroth, our hope depends upon good people doing the right thing. People like Baine. People like you.

Please, go with Jaina. Save my friend and see him home.


You will receive:


Thank you for helping us rescue Baine.

It was the right thing to do.


Speak with Jaina:

Baine Bloodhoof doesn't have much time. Unless we act, he will be executed.
We are about to enter the heart of Horde territory.
Be ready for anything.
Gossip I am prepared, Jaina.

Scenario: Stay of Execution

Stage 1 – It Begins

  • Leave the platform.

Stage 2 – Down and out in Orgrimmar

  • Cross the catwalk and head down the steps.

Stage 3 – Mecha-Gone

  • Destroy mechs in the Azerite research facility then leave.

Stage 4 – Hang a Right

  • Head for the gate.

Stage 5 – Exit, Pursued by a Mech

  • Protect Shaw while he opens the gate out.

Stage 6 – Unlikely Alliance

  • Continue deeper into the underhold.

Stage 7 – Truce and Consequences

  • Work with the Horde to find Baine.

Stage 8 – Strike Them Down!

  • Defeat Rowa Bloodstrike.

Stage 9 – Check on Baine Bloodhoof

  • Go to Baine Bloodhoof.

Stage 10 – It's a Trap!

  • Defend Baine Bloodhoof, destroy the inhibitor crystals.

Final Stage – Destination: Anywhere But Here

  • Take the portal out


  1. A [120] Payment in Kind
  2. A [120] Stay of Execution

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