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Stay of Execution (Alliance)

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Not to be confused with  [Stay of Execution].
AllianceStay of Execution

120 (Requires 120)




A [120] Payment in Kind

For the Horde version of this quest, see H [120] Stay of Execution.


Complete the "Stay of Execution" Scenario.


When I was younger, Baine Bloodhoof and I began exchanging letters. Through our unlikely friendship, I learned that there was nobility in the Horde.

He proved that by defying Sylvanas when she planned to strip the free will from Derek Proudmoore. That act of nobility will cost him his life... unless we intervene.

If there is to be peace in Azeroth, our hope depends upon good people doing the right thing. People like Baine. People like you.

Please, go with Jaina. Save my friend and see him home.


You will receive:


Thank you. This hasn't been an easy time for all of us.


Thank you for helping us rescue Baine.

It was the right thing to do.


Speak with Jaina:

Baine Bloodhoof doesn't have much time. Unless we act, he will be executed.
We are about to enter the heart of Horde territory.
Be ready for anything.
Gossip I am prepared, Jaina.

Warlords of Draenor Bloodmaul Slag Mines loading screen appears. The player appears in the Baine Rescue version of the Siege of Orgrimmar's Underhold map.

Scenario: Stay of Execution

Stage 1 – It Begins

  • Description: Leave the platform.
  • Exit the platform
Jaina and Mathias arriving to the Underhold.
Two Off-Duty Mech Jockeys approach. Jaina freezes them.
Master Mathias Shaw says: She's holding Baine in the halls deep beneath Orgrimmar. This way.
Off-Duty Mech Jockey says: I promise you're gonna love this surprise, pookie!
Master Mathias Shaw says: Just need a moment to get this gate open.
Off-Duty Mech Jockey says: Aw, I always love your surprises, honey bun.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Someone's on the other side.
Off-Duty Mech Jockey says: What the-- Who are these clowns?
Off-Duty Mech Jockey says: The Alliance! Awwww... this ain't gonna be good!
Master Mathias Shaw says: Damn. They'll sound the alarm when they thaw.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Baine might not have that long. Come on!

Stage 2 – Down and out in Orgrimmar

  • Description: Cross the catwalk and head down the steps.
  • Reach the lower level
Azerite Researcher and Underpaid Interns charge at the Alliance.
Azerite Researcher says: Hey! They don't belong here! Keep 'em away from our Azerite!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: It seems they're developing Azerite weapons down here.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Looks like we're about to get a bit of firsthand experience with them, too.

Stage 3 – Mecha-Gone

  • Description: Destroy mechs in the Azerite research facility then leave.
  • Destroy mechs (4)
  • Reach the exit

Below are more goblins (including Over-Worked Mechanics) and Experimental Mechs.

Master Mathias Shaw says: This is a rare opportunity to deplete the Horde's arsenal. We should make the most of it.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Let's destroy their mechs, but we can't lose sight of our mission.
Second mech killed
Master Mathias Shaw says: One day the goblins might outpace gnomish innovation. But not today.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: They should use their minds to save the world instead of devising ways to tear it apart.

Third mech killed

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: We need to keep moving, Shaw.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Only a few targets left. They can't use them against us if we turn them into scrap.

Stage 4 – Hang a Right

  • Description: Head for the gate.
  • Reach the gate
Master Mathias Shaw says: This way!
Underhold Elite Guard says: You'll regret this incursion!

Stage 5 – Exit, Pursued by a Mech

  • Description: Protect Shaw while he opens the gate out.
  • Protect Shaw
Shaw heads to the gate and picks it up.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Can you get the gate open?
Master Mathias Shaw says: I'll need time. <Name>, you and Lady Jaina keep those Horde thugs at bay.
More Underhold Elite Guards attack.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Stand fast! More are coming!
Master Mathias Shaw says: This is a tricky one. The Horde's locksmiths must be learning from the Zandalari.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: If you're having trouble with the lock, I could try a spell.
Master Mathias Shaw says: I snuck a raiding party into Rastakhan's treasury. Getting through this gate isn't even a challenge.
After another wave of the guards, Unit One-Thirty Three-Seven appears.
Unit One-Thirty Three-Seven says: Well, well, well. If it ain't Sneaky Spy-Guy and Sea Captain Lady Lord!
Unit One-Thirty Three-Seven says: Killin' you guys is gonna earn me a HUGE raise!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Walk away, goblin! We're here for Bloodhoof.
Unit One-Thirty Three-Seven says: Beware, beware this, toots!

Stage 6 – Unlikely Alliance

  • Description: Continue deeper into the underhold.
  • Enter the next room

A scene plays.

Thrall and Varok Saurfang appear.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Thrall...
Thrall says: Jaina...?
Varok Saurfang says: The Alliance? Here?
Master Mathias Shaw says: Our king sent us to rescue his friend.
Thrall says: We too have come to save Baine.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: His odds will improve if we work together.
Varok nods.
Thrall says: Hmm... Agreed.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Time is short. Let's move.

Stage 7 – Truce and Consequences

  • Description: Work with the Horde to find Baine.
  • Speak with Jaina
  • Reach the end of the corridor
Thrall's gossip

We must keep moving. Baine's time grows short.

Speaking with Jaina

The longer we are here, the greater the risk. We must keep going.

Gossip I suppose we can work with the Horde, but I will be watching for their treachery.

Master Mathias Shaw says: Keep a close eye on them, <name>.
Entering the tunnel
Varok Saurfang says: I did not expect the Alliance to be here.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Not the first time we've had to move against a corrupt warchief.
Varok Saurfang says: Or a sovereign king. Slain in his own home.
Master Mathias Shaw says: A home that still stands. Can you say the same for Teldrassil?
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Enough! We aren't here to fight each other.
Thrall says: Stay focused. Baine's life is all that matters right now.

Dark Rangers and Underhold Elite Guards are in the tunnel.

Random Dark Ranger quotes
  • Dark Ranger says: For the Horde! For the warchief!
  • Dark Ranger says: Kill the Alliance!
  • Dark Ranger says: For the Horde! For the warchief!

After the mobs are cleared, Shaw opens the next gate.

Stage 8 – Strike Them Down!

  • Description: Defeat Rowa Bloodstrike.
  • Defeat Rowa Bloodstrike

Rowa is accompanied by her two wolves, Mukuta and Gunaz, while others are chained in the hall as well.

Master Mathias Shaw says: Looks like Baine is being held just ahead.
Varok Saurfang says: It seems we must get past her first.
Rowa Bloodstrike says: I wondered if anyone would come to save the traitor's life.
Rowa Bloodstrike says: I am disappointed to see you here, Saurfang. Thrall. But I am not surprised.
Rowa Bloodstrike says: Tonight, my wolves will feast on the flesh of traitors and Alliance scum!
Gunaz dies
Rowa Bloodstrike says: That dog had more honor than you do, Saurfang!
Mukuta dies
Rowa Bloodstrike says: Mukuta, no! You monsters!
Orders for Trained Wolves
  • Rowa Bloodstrike says: Attack!
  • Rowa Bloodstrike says: Wolves, Attack!
  • Rowa Bloodstrike says: Kill them!
Rowa dies
Rowa Bloodstrike says: Just wait... The Alliance will destroy us...

Stage 9 – Check on Baine Bloodhoof

  • Description: Go to Baine Bloodhoof.
  • Reach Baine Bloodhoof

The party runs to Baine. As soon as they are near, the stage is completed and a scene plays.

Stage 10 – It's a Trap!

  • Description: Defend Baine Bloodhoof, destroy the inhibitor crystals.
  • Defeat Sylvanas's forces (4)
  • Destroy Inhibitor Crystals (4)

A scene plays.

Enter Hathorel.
Thrall says: Baine!
Baine Bloodhoof says: Th--Thrall? Jaina?
Master Mathias Shaw says: These chains are warded against magic. I'll need time to pick the lock.
Varok Saurfang says: This feels wrong. Sylvanas must have known we were coming.
Magister Hathorel accompanied by Dark Ranger Thandel and Dark Ranger Zanra appears.
Magister Hathorel says: Indeed she did, traitor. You and Lady Proudmoore.
Jaina Proudmoore says: I have no quarrel with you.
Magister Hathorel says: Have you forgotten the purge of Dalaran, murderer? Today, the Sunreavers will be avenged.
Jaina Proudmoore says: Then your vendetta is with me, and me alone!
Magister Hathorel says: No! You will watch your friends die--just as I did!
The scene ends.
Magister Hathorel says: Rangers! Kill them all! FOR THE SUNREAVERS!
Varok Saurfang says: We will need an escape route once Baine is free.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I can get us out, but not while these crystals are blocking my teleportation spells.
Varok Saurfang says: Then we must destroy them. Go, <name>!
Summoning Underhold Grunts
Magister Hathorel says: Guards!
Shaw working on the shackles

Kill the two dark rangers and Underhold Grunts. After the dark rangers are defeated, Lyani Shadestalker appears.

Magister Hathorel says: Damn!
Magister Hathorel says: Lyani! Get in here and eliminate them!
After Lyani is defeated
Shaw jumps on a pole and works on the locks.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I'll disrupt the shields protecting those mages. You destroy the focus crystals!

After Lyani is dead, follow Jaina Proudmoore who uses Glacial Ray to destroy the shields around Elite Battlemages. Kill them and interact with Inhibitor Crystals to continue. The magister is casting Firestorm, so avoid the fire.

First down

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Over here! I'll bring down the shield from this one next!

Second down

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I can feel their spell weakening. We need to take down all four crystals!

With crystals down, Hathorel attacks. Defeat him.

Magister Hathorel yells: None of you will escape these halls!

When Magister Hathorel casts Annihilation, use the extra button Ice Block.

Final Stage – Destination: Anywhere But Here

  • Description: Take the portal out

When Hathorel is defeated, he summons an Ice Block for himself. A cutscene plays. At this point, the quest objective is complete.

Master Mathias Shaw says: I've got him free!
Jaina Proudmoore says: Stay close. I'll get us out.
Jaina teleports the group out of the Underhold.

A cinematic plays.

The group materializes in Mulgore, overlooking Thunder Bluff. Jaina walks to forward. Thrall looks at her, then at his friends. Varok gestures towards her. Thrall walks to Jaina.
Thrall: Thank you.
Thrall: Baine would've died
Thrall: without your aid.
Jaina Proudmoore: I couldn't let that happen.
Thrall: Nor could I.
Thrall: I refuse to fail him
Thrall: like I... failed his father.
Thrall: I wish I could change it all.
Thrall: Cairne...
Thrall: Garrosh...
Thrall: Theramore...
Thrall: Sometimes
Thrall: it feels like I did
Thrall: everything wrong.
Jaina Proudmoore: We all have blood on our hands.
Thrall: And now...
Thrall: Sylvanas will come.
Thrall: Thunderbluff will burn
Thrall: just like Teldrassil.
Jaina Proudmoore: Once before
Jaina Proudmoore: you and I stood side by side
Jaina Proudmoore: on the slopes of Mount Hyjal.
Jaina Proudmoore: That world tree did not fall.
Jaina Proudmoore: Because the Horde and the Alliance
Jaina Proudmoore: worked together.
Thrall: Horde...
Thrall: Alliance...
Thrall: We've come to this crossroad
Thrall: again and again, Jaina.
Thrall: It always falls apart.
Thrall: What's different this time?
Thrall looks at Jaina, she places her hand on his arm.
Jaina Proudmoore: We are.
Saurfang, Baine, and Shaw approach them.
Jaina Proudmoore: I should go.
Jaina Proudmoore: Anduin will want to know
Jaina Proudmoore: that Baine is safe.
Baine places his hand on his chest in gratitude and slightly bows his head.
Varok Saurfang: Tell your king
Varok Saurfang: he is not alone.
Jaina nods and teleports.
On completion
Genn Greymane says: Good to have you back, Jaina. Why did King Anduin summon you?
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Sylvanas ordered the execution of Baine Bloodhoof. Anduin sent us into Orgrimmar to rescue him.
Genn Greymane says: You risked your lives to save a leader of the Horde?!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: After what he did for Derek, I felt I owed him a debt. We received some unexpected help from Saurfang... and Thrall.
Shandris Feathermoon says: You were fortunate that you were not betrayed. Presenting your heads might have regained their warchief's favor.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: We had a common enemy. Sylvanas wanted us at each other's throats. Perhaps that's what Azshara wants, too.
Genn Greymane says: Hold on... Are you suggesting we lay down our arms and fight beside them? After all they've done?!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: No. Merely that we direct our efforts against Azshara instead of the Horde. That could buy time for Saurfang's rebellion to take root.
Shandris Feathermoon says: There must be vengeance for Teldrassil. But if Azshara is not stopped, she will unleash her master upon the world.
Genn Greymane says: Very well. We will focus on defeating the naga queen. But if the Horde turns against us, they will answer for it.


  1. A [120] Payment in Kind
  2. A [120] Stay of Execution

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