Stealing Their Thunder King

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NeutralStealing Their Thunder King
Tomb of Conquerors entrance

88 (Requires 87)




10g 60s



King's Coffer
Top Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet
Tablet of Thunder

Find the Bottom Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet and restore the Tablet of Thunder.

Provided item:  [The Tongue of Ba-Shon]


Our only hope is to find the Thunder King's remains before they do. He must be buried within the Tomb of Conquerors.

Getting to his remains will not be easy, <name>. The tomb will no doubt be defended by guardians and other unfriendly surprises intended to ward off thieves.

Once inside we will need to figure out where his remains have actually been placed.


You will receive: 10g 60s


Have you figured out where the Thunder King's remains are hidden?


We are fortunate they haven't gotten to Lei Shen's remains... yet. The Zandalari will not give up until they have what they want.


  • 162000 XP


On accept:

Image of Lorewalker Cho says: The Tomb of Conquerors is directly below you. Follow the dirt path to the entrance. You must hurry!

Exit the Tomb of Secrets and jump down (or circle around down the path) to the northeast to reach the entrance of the Tomb of Conquerors. Be on the lookout for terracotta warriors in the form of Terracotta Champions in nooks on the path. Decorative tiles on the path trigger traps as well. There are arrow traps, flame traps, lightning traps, and jump pads.

  • Emperor's Brand — Deals 48750 to 51250 Physical damage to those caught in the path. The arrow trap.
  • Flame Spout — Summons a flame spout under a nearby player, erupting for 20,000 Fire damage after 3 seconds.
  • Lightning Crash — Summons Lightning to a nearby player, striking for 20,000 Nature damage after 3 seconds.

In the big room with all of the trapped floor tiles are a handful of neutral Tomb Watchers, two Terracotta Gladiators, and the King's Coffer. The coffer contains the  [Bottom Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet]. Be ready when looting the coffer, as both Terracotta Defenders on either side of the altar will activate. They are level 87 quilen with 214,000 health each. The other gladiator will activate as soon as someone gets too close to it as well.

Just past the other gladiator is another arrow trap, followed by another two Terracotta Champions in the last room. On the right wall of the room from the entrance is the Top Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet. Once the room has been cleared, interact with it. Then, use  [The Tongue of Ba-Shon] to summon an Image of Lorewalker Cho.

This completes "The Thunder King" portion of [Slum It in the Summit].


Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Cho's Missive

  1. N [88] Path Less Traveled
  2. N [88] Instant Courage & N [88] They Stole My Luck! & N [88] Resupplying One Keg
  3. N [88] Comin' Round the Mountain
  4. N [88] One Traveler's Misfortune
  5. N [88] Seeker's Folly
  6. N [88] The Tongue of Ba-Shon
  7. N [88] Staying Connected
  8. N [88] An End to Everything
  9. N [88] It Was Almost Alive
  10. N [88] The Tomb of Shadows
  11. N [88] Breaking the Emperor's Shield
  12. N [88] Stealing Their Thunder King
  13. N [88] Lessons from History
  14. N [88] Chasing the Storm
  15. N [88] Fisherman's Tale
  16. N [88] It Takes A Village & N [88] Handle With Care & N [88] What's Yours Is Mine & N [88] Make A Fighter Out of Me
  17. N [88] Enemies At Our Door
  18. N [88] Revelations
  19. [Maggot Slurry]

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