Stelleris Shakedown

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NeutralStelleris Shakedown
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Rare Elite World Quest
Category Suramar
Reputation +350 The Nightfallen
Rewards Varies



Ly'leth Lunastre says: Masked thugs have been harassing my supporters. I know those beasts of House Stelleris are behind it!



Ly'leth Lunastre says: <Sigh.> Politics as usual. Perhaps after we have liberated Suramar, my opponents will realize they were on the wrong side of history.


Each Libertine, a spellcaster, is accompanied by a Stelleris Vigilant, a meele swordsman, the pair patrolling back and forth between two set points. Both of these points, more often than not, is by a group of mobs or one powerful mob. On foot, you will have to start with pairs at Moonlit Landing and work your way up. Hopefully you will not have to go all the way into the Midnight Court. As with many quests in this area, due to the many difficult mobs you may want to join a group.

Once taken down to low health, the Libertine will either be defiant and remain aggroed, or become neutral and interactive. This can happen with the first, or may take several mobs or more. Quickly click on them to complete persuading them, because they can sometimes become aggressive again.

  • Stelleris Libertine says: I will die before I talk!
  • Stelleris Libertine says: Lowborn scum! I will never talk!
  • Stelleris Libertine says: You will get nothing from me!
Stelleris Libertine says: I yield! I'll tell you anything!
Stelleris Libertine persuaded
Stelleris Libertine says: Corvyn[sic]... he does our dirty work. You'll find him down near the docks.

Corvelyn patrols on the small north side of Moonlit Landing. There are three mobs in the way; wait until he's at the furthest point of his patrol then pull the mobs away. After killing them go ahead and pull Corvelyn; this way you will not have to deal with all four at once.

Corvelyn says: House Stelleris does not answer to lowborn scum like you.
Corvelyn says: My life... for House Stelleris...

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