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Steward Donal

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NeutralSteward Donal
Image of Steward Donal
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Level 90
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Admiral Taylor's Garrison, Spires of Arak[36.1, 54.3]
Status Active
Steward Donal's body.


Gossip Maybe you should try retracing your steps?
The last I remember, I was enjoying a book under a tree somewhere nearby. I'm not quite sure where, though.
I seem to recall large stones... and for some reason a painting of a death's head... but that is all.


  • Exit the town hall and cut through the wall to the south to head toward Admiral Taylor's Farm. Outside the farm is the entrance to a mine, where Donal's skeletal remains are perched up against a rock with a book in one hand, looking forward at a skull-and-bones sign, with  [An Old Key] behind him on the rock. Snag the key, return to town hall, and open the chest to acquire ...

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