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For the pre-Cataclysm instance and associated lore, see Stormwind Stockade (Classic).

Stormwind Stockade
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Stormwind Stockade, aka the Stormwind Stockades[1] and The Stockade, is a high-security prison complex, hidden beneath the canal district of Stormwind City. Presided over by Warden Thelwater, the Stockade is home to petty crooks, political insurgents, murderers and a score of the most dangerous criminals in the land.[2] A large number of dangerous criminals, including some criminal masterminds and Defias mercenaries, are currently being held in the stockade. However, not so long ago, there was a revolt inside the dungeon, and the prisoners now keep the Stockade under their control.

Recommended group composition is a competent and reasonably balanced group of players around level 27, with a decent level 27, at least, tank or very competent players for the final mini-boss.

Adventure Guide

Stormwind Stockade is a closely guarded prison built beneath the canals of Stormwind City. Warden Thelwater keeps watch over the stockade and the highly dangerous criminals who call it home. Recently, the inmates revolted, overthrowing their guards and plunging the prison into a state of pandemonium.


The Stockade is a high-security prison complex, hidden beneath the canal district of Stormwind City. Presided over by Warden Thelwater, the Stockade is home to petty crooks, political insurgents, murderers and a score of the most dangerous criminals in the land. Recently, a prisoner-led revolt has resulted in a state of pandemonium within the Stockades - where the guards have been overthrown and the convicts roam free.

Mac was a 14 year old boy who volunteered to serve as a guard in the Stockade when the Stormwind Army was sent off to the front. Mac reprimanded some of the prisoners for tearing their wool blankets to make scarves, a symbol of their gang. For that, Mac was stabbed in the back and killed.[3]

Warden Thelwater has managed to defend himself, and is currently enlisting brave thrill-seekers to venture into the prison and put down the uprising, thought to have been instigated by some new prisoners - the terrifying menace known only as "Hogger" and his violent Riverpaw pack of gnolls.[4]

During the Cataclysm, prisoners were sent from the Stockades to the Barrens as a penal legion under the Northwatch Expeditionary Unit. Some of them looted Camp Taurajo against their orders.

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

During the Battle for Lordaeron, Anduin Wrynn captured Horde general Varok Saurfang and ordered him imprisoned within the Stockades.[5] Horde forces sent by Sylvanas Windrunner later infiltrated the Stockades to free Princess Talanji and Zul of the Zandalari. They also tried to release Saurfang, but he refused to go with them.[6]

Getting there

Stormwind Stockade is located inside of Stormwind City, on the northern most section of the canal surrounding the Mage Quarter, the building is marked with a meeting stone directly next to its doorway, the actual entrance into the instance is directly inside the building, down the small, open set of stairs.

For Alliance characters, the Stockade is without a doubt the easiest instance to simply walk in to, being in what is arguably the most popular of the Alliance cities. For Horde, this is a different story, and if one wishes to enter the instance in a manner besides queuing for it at the correct level, its going to take a bit of work.

One popular way for Horde characters to enter the Stockade is to gain access to the port on the eastern side of the city, this can be done by swimming or using Path of Frost or other similar water-walking abilities to swim to the port from Westfall, once in the port one can make their way through the canals to the instance.


Stormwind Stockade map
Hogger @ 22,25
Randolph Moloch @ 50,21
Lord Overheat @ 78,46
Warden Thelwater @ 44,55
Rifle Commander Coe @ 50,60
Nurse Lillian @ 55,55

Stormwind Stockade is a very cramped instance. It consists primarily of three hallways, each with branching rooms extending from them. The two northernmost hallways have two circular rooms on the ends, both containing a boss fight, while the middle hallways extends to another important room containing a boss fight.

Quest guide

Alliance Alliance Quests
Quest name Quest giver
A [23] The Good Ol' Switcheroo Rifle Commander Coe
A [24] By Fire Be Saved! Nurse Lillian
A [25] The Gnoll King Warden Thelwater

Dungeon denizens



Bosses Monsters NPC
  • Left corridor ("Gnoll wing")


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Notes and trivia

  • Enemy Level Range: 23-26 elites
  • Possibly the smallest instance in the game in terms of size, though due to the number of mobs in close quarters it can take as long as a full-sized instance to run with a level-appropriate group.
  • Must be at least level 15 to enter the instance.
  • Even though Horde players can enter this instance as well, due to its position and the quests it is often regarded Alliance-only. Horde players can however access it as normal through the Looking for Dungeon tool, although the Horde quest givers will be absent.
  • Due to the small area of the dungeon, feared enemies and players can be fatal to your party if they run into a room full of enemies. Keeping enemy mobs from fleeing (e.g. [Hamstring]) and dealing with fear effects from Dextren Ward ( [Fear Ward], [Tremor Totem]) can go a long way to ensuring your group's survival in this dungeon.
  • The Stockade features as an attraction in the Blizzard World in-universe map in Overwatch, but is not seen in the in-game map itself.
  • There are sewer entrances to the stockade at Lion's Rest and near Stormwind Keep.[6] The sewer also has an exit to Mirror Lake in Elwynn Forest.[7]


Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Level scaling implemented, previous instance level: 22 - 30.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Completely revamped.


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