Stone Sentinel's Overlook

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Stone Sentinel's Overlook

Stone Sentinel's Overlook is an area within Blackwing Descent where the Omnotron Defense System can be found. It is located to the right as one enters the instance, with Magmaw's area off to the left.


  • The area overlooks the Molten Span in the Blackrock Mountain. However, it's designed differently than the one players are capable of entering and flying around in.
  • When inside the actual Molten Span, there is no overlook where it should be according to the view from inside the Blackwing Descent.
  • Strangely, the entrance to Blackwing Descent is on the opposite side of the mountain, which would make this view (since the overlook is right next to the entrance) on the wrong side of the Molten Span.