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This article is about the gargoyles from Revendreth. For the gargoyles from Northrend, see gargoyle. For the stoneborn from Pandaria, see terracotta warrior.
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A stoneborn

The stoneborn[1] are gargoyles found in Revendreth.[2] Carved by The Stonewright in the Military Ward and infused with anima,[3][4] the stoneborn are vigilant soldiers that serve their venthyr masters with a sense of loyalty forged over a lifetime of fighting side by side. In battle, stoneborn bludgeon their enemies with an array of martial weapon skills or use their unparalleled mobility to outflank them.[1] If a stoneborn runs out of anima, they revert back to stone; it is implied they are fully conscious while in this state.[5]

General Grashaal was awakened to replace General Draven[6] after he sided with Prince Renathal's rebellion. There are evidently only ever two generals of The Stone Legion, which serve Sire Denathrius, as opposed to the stoneborn rebels, which serve Prince Renathal.[7] The Stonewright considers all stoneborn her children and wishes they would stop fighting; this is affirmed by General Draven who refers to her as their mother.[8] Prince Renathal remembers when the first stoneborn was made by The Stonewright.

The larger stoneborn serve as soldiers, part of The Stone Legion, of which Sire Denathrius is commander, to defend Revendreth, enforce order in each Ward,[7][9] purge Manifestations,[10] and keep the devourers from coming out of the Endmire.[11]

The stone fiends, the gargon, and dredbats are made in the same way as stoneborn,[12] but gargons and dredbats lack the same intelligence. When there's a lack of anima, dredbats become aggressive.[13]


The stoneborn are the epitome of economy. Like any other creation, they require anima to fulfil their duties, yet they can revert to their natural stone form to preserve anima when their services are no longer required. Not a single bit wasted.[14] Stoneborn are and ever shall be the might of Revendreth for they remain solemnly dedicated to obeying the Master's commands, without question or hesitation.[15]


Notes and trivia

  • Castle Nathria has a giant gargoyle statue atop it.
  • Male stoneborn use Metamorphosis animations, while females use arakkoa animations.
  • Early in development, the artists weren't sure if the stoneborn would wear armor at all or if they would just use a stone form for protection, as well as whether their arms and wings should be separate from each other. Both of the latter ideas made their way into the final design, with the bulkier males having wings and separate arms while the smaller females have wing-like attachments on their arms.[16]
  • The current Stone Legion Generals, General Kaal and General Grashall, were General Draven's apprentice and mentor, respectively.
  • Their design and concept may be inspired by the 1990's cartoon series Gargoyles, which like the Disney movie Hunchback of Notre Dame, are based on older French myths and folklore about the gargoyles present in many gothic cathedrals coming to life. Male stoneborn heavily resemble Goliath, the main character of the cartoon.


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