Stonecore loot

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Boss Normal (ilvl 333) Heroic (ilvl 346) Type
IconSmall Gyreworm.gif Corborus  [Cinnabar Shoulders]  [Cinnabar Shoulders] Plate (DPS)
 [Dolomite Adorned Gloves]  [Dolomite Adorned Gloves] Cloth (Spirit)
 [Fist of Pained Senses]  [Fist of Pained Senses] Fist Weapon (Agility)
 [Key to the Endless Chamber]  [Key to the Endless Chamber] Trinket (Agility)
 [Phosphorescent Ring]  [Phosphorescent Ring] Ring (Tank)
IconSmall DrakeStone.gif Slabhide  [Deep Delving Gloves]  [Deep Delving Gloves] Leather (Spell)
 [Hematite Plate Gloves]  [Hematite Plate Gloves] Plate (DPS)
 [Quicksilver Blade]  [Quicksilver Blade] Dagger (Agility)
 [Rose Quartz Band]  [Rose Quartz Band] Ring (Spell)
 [Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake]  [Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake] Flying Mount
IconSmall GemstoneColossus.gif Ozruk  [Belt of the Ringworm]  [Belt of the Ringworm] Plate (Spell)
 [Elementium Scale Bracers]  [Elementium Scale Bracers] Mail (Agility)
 [Pendant of the Lightless Grotto]  [Pendant of the Lightless Grotto] Neck (Agility)
 [Sword of the Bottomless Pit]  [Sword of the Bottomless Pit] Two-hand Sword
 [Tendrils of Burrowing Dark]  [Tendrils of Burrowing Dark] Trinket (Spell)
IconSmall Cultist Female.gif High Priestess Azil  [Cowl of the Unseen World]  [Cowl of the Unseen World] Mail (Spell)
 [Darkling Staff]  [Darkling Staff] Staff (Agility)
 [Elementium Fang]  [Elementium Fang] One-hand Sword (Tank)
 [Helm of Numberless Shadows]  [Helm of Numberless Shadows] Leather (Agility)
 [Leaden Despair]  [Leaden Despair] Trinket (Tank)
 [Magnetite Mirror]  [Magnetite Mirror] Trinket (Strength)
 [Prophet's Scepter]  [Prophet's Scepter] Off-hand (Spell)
 [Slippers of the Twilight Prophet]  [Slippers of the Twilight Prophet] Cloth (Hit)
 [Tear of Blood]  [Tear of Blood] Trinket (Healer)