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The Stonemasons Guild[1] (or Stonemason's Guild,[2] Stonemasons' Guild[3][4] and Stonemason Guild[5] or simply the Stonemasons) was a guild of artisans and builders, similar to the dwarven Royal Stonecutters Union, with Edwin VanCleef as their elected Guildmaster. They built Nethergarde Keep and were later contracted by the Stormwind House of Nobles to rebuild Stormwind City after the Second War. When the building was completed, the nobles refused to pay the workers and ordered the Guild disbanded, so many left with Edwin VanCleef and formed the Defias Brotherhood.

However, the guild did have some noble family supporters, such as Tiffin Wrynn‎ or Count Erlgadin and his son S. J. Erlgadin.

Known members