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NeutralThe Storm Peaks
Level: 67 - 80
Battle Pet Level: 22 - 23
The Storm Peaks.jpg
Former ruler(s)

Neutral IconSmall Loken.gifLoken †

Major settlements
Minor settlements

Northeastern Northrend

Sources: Wrath of the Lich King

The Storm Peaks are a mountain range and zone located in the northeast of Northrend. It is where a mysterious race of giants named the storm giants live.[citation needed]  The third known titan city of Ulduar is also located here. The winds that rip through the mountains are extremely violent and dangerous.

It was in the Storm Peaks that a titanic battle occurred between Aegwynn, then the Guardian of Tirisfal, and Sargeras's avatar, the now-dormant Lord of the Burning Legion.[citation needed] 

Due to high winds and avalanches, the Sons of Hodir recommend bringing at least two companions if venturing into the dangerous Storm Peaks.[1]

Also shown on the map in Lands of Mystery is the Temple of Storms. The purpose of said temple was unknown. In Wrath of the Lich King, it is now shown to be the home of Thorim.


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The North Wind was once the elemental ruler of the Storm Peaks, crushing the land and its denizens, including the tribes of the taunka, in its iron grip. Seeking to end the North Wind's domination of his people, the taunka hero Stormhoof, brother of Chieftain Swiftspear of Camp Tunka'lo, did battle against the North Wind in the Plain of Echoes and weakened it, but did not manage to defeat it before he fell.[2][3] Biding its time as it regained strength, the North Wind plotted an insidious revenge against both Stormhoof and his people: It would erase the hero from history, altering the timeline and ensure its continued domination of the Storm Peaks. It changed the recorded history of Tunka'lo, portraying Stormhoof as a servile insurrectionist executed for his "crimes", rather than the hero who had liberated his people.[3]

The Storm Peaks have a mysterious history. Long ago, the titans lived here. They created Ulduar as their city, and it is from here that they conducted their experiments. It is said that the Storm Peaks are the origin of the storm giants, and perhaps the dwarves and troggs as well. When the titans disappeared, the races were left to fend for themselves. The dwarves moved south into warmer climates, but the storm giants remained and claimed Ulduar as their own. They developed crystalline golems to aid them in their research and as guards. Over time, the storm giants have dwindled in number and grown ever more reclusive. Now only a handful remain.

The storm giants make their home in the Storm Peaks. They are of an impressive size, more than 30 feet tall and powerfully built. The storm giants are capable of summoning small storms. They keep to themselves, hiding in their caves and tunnels below the surface, and avoid visitors. Myths say that the titans created the storm giants; perhaps dwarves have an origin in common to the storm giants. It is possible that the storm giants may know more about the dwarves' past than the dwarves do themselves — however, they are not likely to tell anyone about it. The storm giants like their privacy, and their crystalline golems help maintain that. They are the same golems that reside in Crystalsong Forest, gathering crystals to bring back to their masters. In Crystalsong Forest, they are servants and couriers. In the Storm Peaks, they function as door wardens and bodyguards, making sure no intruder gains entrance to the storm giants’ lairs. Magnataur and wendigo are known to roam the area. The magnataur are solitary and easy to spot.[4]


The Storm Peaks in art.

The Storm Peaks have treacherous paths, powerful winds, jagged cliffs, and hungry monsters. They are also home to the storm giants, one of the oldest races in the world and the keepers of the titans' legacy. The two biggest dangers in the Storm Peaks aren’t necessarily its inhabitants. The wind is fierce and constant, and can easily tug someone off a cliff. One look at those paths it has cut through the cliffs and one realizes how deadly wind can be. The second danger is sunlight. The peaks are covered in ice and the light reflects from every angle. Up here the ice is everywhere. Wearing dark glasses is the only way to survive — otherwise a person is blinded every time he moves his head, and before long he will take a misstep and tumble off a cliff or down a ravine. The weather doesn’t help — it is either clear and sunny, with the nasty glare, or dark as night and pouring, with sheets of freezing rain, hail, or snow battering down and making every surface as slick as oil.

One would think the Storm Peaks were mountains, but that is not entirely accurate. They do have the highest elevation of any other region in Northrend. On the edge of the peaks, one can look out over Icecrown Glacier to the west, Crystalsong Forest to the south, Zul'Drak to the east, and the ocean to the north. But they are not mountains. They are actually cliffs. The "peaks" are the spots where wind has not cut away the ice and rock, as opposed to the narrow paths it has carved. Through large parts of this region, a person can literally leap from peak to peak, provided the wind does not throw him over the edge. Ulduar, like much of Northrend, is sparsely inhabited. The storm giants stay hidden, their golems don’t bother anyone unless someone approaches their masters’ homes, and the magnataur and wendigo are infrequent and large enough to spot from a distance. It is a good place to be alone with one's own thoughts, if you don’t mind the biting wind, the searing cold, and the repetitive stretches of ice and rock. The peaks are handsome in an austere way. Little grows here — a random bush sprouting in a nook along a cliff face or a few tough blades of grass in a crack. Everything else is stone and ice. Animals appear to be rare, and its unknown what the wendigo and magnataur eat to survive. Perhaps they eat each other and any travelers they can find.

No one lives here except the storm giants, their golems, and beasts like the wendigo and magnataur. The latter have caves they have found or dug into the ice and rock. The storm giants have their city, Ulduar, and the Temple of Storms.[5]

Map and subregions

Storm Peaks map
Abandoned Camp · Bor's Breath · Bouldercrag's Refuge · Brann's Base-Camp · The Broodmother's Nest · Brunnhildar Village · Camp Tunka'lo · Crystalweb Cavern · Dun Niffelem · Fjorn's Anvil · The Foot Steppes · The Forlorn Mine · Frostfield Lake · Frosthold · Frostgrip's Hollow · The Frozen Mine · Garm · Garm's Bane · Garm's Rise · Grom'arsh Crash-Site · Halls of Stone · Halls of Lightning · Hall of the Shaper · Hibernal Cavern · The Howling Hollow · The Inventor's Library · K3 · Loken's Bargain · Mimir's Workshop · Narvir's Cradle · Nidavelir · The Pit of the Fang · Plain of Echoes · Ricket's Folly · Rohemdal Pass · Sifreldar Village · Snowblind Hills · Snowblind Terrace · Snowdrift Plains · Temple of Invention · Temple of Life · Temple of Order · Temple of Storms · Temple of Winter · Temple of Wisdom · Terrace of the Makers · Thunderfall · Torseg's Rest · Uldis · Ulduar · Valkyrion · Valley of Ancient Winters
The Halls of Stone.
The Storm Peaks in Lands of Mystery.


Concept art of Ulduar, the large titan-structure to the north which houses all the instances in the Storm Peaks.
Ulduar artwork.
Screenshot of Frosthold, the only place in Azeroth where frostborn dwarves are found.
Ulduar artwork - seemingly the room before the Tribunal of Ages within the Halls of Stone.
Ulduar artwork.
Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Halls of Stone 77-79 5 1 hour
Instance portal Halls of Lightning 80 5 1 hour
Instance portal Ulduar 80 10-25 3+ hours

Travel hubs

Neutral Flight paths from K3
Alliance Flight paths from Frosthold
Horde Flight paths from Grom'arsh Crash-Site
Horde Flight paths from Camp Tunka'lo
Neutral Flight paths from Dun Niffelem
Neutral Flight paths from Bouldercrag's Refuge
Neutral Flight paths from Ulduar

Regions adjacent to the Storm Peaks

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Dalaran AllianceHorde 74+ West By flight path
Zul'Drak AllianceHorde 74-77 Southeast By flight path
Crystalsong Forest AllianceHorde 77-80 Southwest By foot
Hrothgar's Landing AllianceHorde 77-80 Northwest By flying mount
Icecrown AllianceHorde 77-80 West By flight path

Notable characters

Main article: Storm Peaks NPCs


Dig sites

Storm Peaks

Valkyrion Digsite @ 25,61
Sifreldar Village Digsite @ 40,72
Brunnhildar Village Digsite @ 49,68

The Storm Peaks has three dig sites:

  1. Valkyrion; contains Vrykul Archaeology Fragments.
  2. Sifreldar Village; contains Vrykul Archaeology Fragments.
  3. Brunnhildar Village; contains Vrykul Archaeology Fragments.

Wild creatures

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Rare creatures

Time-Lost Proto Drake is known to live in the Storm Peaks.[1] Rare Elite NPCs associated with the  Northern Exposure achievement.


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Only the southern portion of the zone, where K3 is, is accessible by foot. Almost everything else requires a flying mount to access. This zone and Icecrown Citadel are the only two zones in Northrend where a flying mount is required to comfortably navigate.

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Level scaling implemented, previous zone level: 77 - 80.


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