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Vethir, a storm dragon.
For the storm dragons of Skywall, see Storm dragon.

The storm dragons[1] or storm drakes[2] are a race of dragons imbued with the power of storms. Most of them are found in Stormheim. The Thorignir brood of storm dragons swore fealty to the titan keepers, though some such as Nithogg did not agree with this decision and decided to leave, forming his own brood.[3] They play a large role in the Stormheim storyline.


The storm dragons of Stormheim are associated with thunder and lightning. They are as intelligent as the other, more well-known dragons encountered so far. Most, if not all, storm dragons appear to be capable of speech[4] and one brood presides over the Trial of Will to determine the worth of those who seek the Aegis of Aggramar.[5] They normally live in colonies.[6] Storm dragon whelplings hunger for flesh animals, but the young ones cannot stomach it raw. Cooking the meat from their corpses with lightning allows the whelps to consume it.[7]

There are two identified broods of storm dragons within Stormheim: the Thorignir under Thrymjaris, allied with Odyn and protecting Stormheim, and the brood of Nithogg who terrorize the nearby lands.



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