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Not to be confused with Stormbeak (dread raven).
Image of Stormbeak
Gender Male
Race Gryphon (Beast)
Level 81 / 98 - 110
Health 1,245
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Earthen Ring
Location Commons, Ironforge
Status Alive

Stormbeak is a level 81 gryphon located in the Commons of Ironforge. He is accompanying Stormcaller Mylra. He is later seen in Deepholm and the Twilight Highlands, further accompanying Mylra.

Stormbeak continued to accompany his master throughout the Burning Legion's third invasion, serving both as her mount and battle companion. He also accompanied Mylra and Duke Hydraxis during the Battle for the Exodar.

In the Vision of Orgrimmar, Stormbeak is summoned by Sian'tsu to assist her in combat.



  • Stormcaller Mylra mission ability in Legion is named Stormbeak's Assault.


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