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Darkwood Shoal.jpg
Darkwood Shoal
Main leader

NagaNaga Naga

Character classes
Base of operations
Theater of operations

Northeastern Vol'dun



The Stormcoil are a group of naga who recently invaded the northeastern coast of Vol'dun on orders from Queen Azshara to search for the Ring of Tides, a powerful artifact that was lost there during a battle between a naga army and the loa Kimbul centuries ago. Led by Overseer Zarjish, the Stormcoil attacked Darkwood Shoal, killing many of the Tortaka tortollans who lived there and forcing the rest to flee to Tortaka Refuge.[1][2][3] After uncovering the Stormcoil's goals with the help of an adventurer,[1][3] the Tortaka turn to Kimbul at his temple for help. The adventurer eventually recovers the Ring of Tides and frees the souls of Kimbul's ancient followers, allowing the loa to accept the Tortaka as his new followers, but an army of Stormcoil rise from the sea to assault the loa's temple and attempt to reclaim the ring. Kimbul sends the adventurer to the Shrouded Shore as his avatar to wreak havoc on the Stormcoil forces, and the naga are quickly forced to abandon their assault and retreat to the safety of the ocean.[4]




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