Stormforged Monitor

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MobStormforged Monitor
Image of Stormforged Monitor
Gender Male
Race Iron Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 25-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Frostgrip's Hollow, Storm Peaks

The Stormforged Monitor is looking for the core in Frostgrip's Hollow in the Storm Peaks. He has a Stormforged Eradicator to assist him.


Stormforged Monitor says: Halt. If the core is in your possession, please place it safely on the ground to avoid damage it make[sic] incur during your elimination.
Stormforged Monitor says: Elimination will now commence. Thanks[sic] you for your cooperation.

The Stormforged Monitor and his Stormforged Eradicator begin their attack, when suddenly an unexpected ally jumps into the fray:

Frostborn Axemaster says: Not if I have something to say about it, sparky!

On victory:

Frostborn Axemaster says: King Stormheart had me stop by to lend you hand - looks like it was good that I did. Good luck to ya.


  • Lightning Charged (Attacks have a chance to inflict Nature damage.(33 - 37))
  • Lightning Infusion (Infuses the target with Lightning, causing an Overload which inflicts 1411 to 1589 Nature damage in an area around the target after 5 sec.)

Notable drops


The Stormforged Monitor also counts as a kill for A [80] Unwelcome Guests.

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