Stormforged Monitor

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MobStormforged Monitor
Image of Stormforged Monitor
Gender Male
Race Iron Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 79
Health 12,175
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Frostgrip's Hollow, Storm Peaks

The Stormforged Monitor is looking for the core in Frostgrip's Hollow in the Storm Peaks. He has a Stormforged Eradicator to assist him.


Stormforged Monitor says: Halt. If the core is in your possession, please place it safely on the ground to avoid damage it make[sic] incur during your elimination.
Stormforged Monitor says: Elimination will now commence. Thanks[sic] you for your cooperation.

The Stormforged Monitor and his Stormforged Eradicator begin their attack, when suddenly an unexpected ally jumps into the fray:

Frostborn Axemaster says: Not if I have something to say about it, sparky!

On victory:

Frostborn Axemaster says: King Stormheart had me stop by to lend you hand - looks like it was good that I did. Good luck to ya.


  • Lightning Charged (Attacks have a chance to inflict Nature damage.(33 - 37))
  • Lightning Infusion (Infuses the target with Lightning, causing an Overload which inflicts 1411 to 1589 Nature damage in an area around the target after 5 sec.)

Notable drops


The Stormforged Monitor also counts as a kill for A [80] Unwelcome Guests.

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