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Stormglen Village

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NeutralStormglen Village

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Southern Gilneas



Stormglen Village is a small village located in the southern edge of the Blackwald in Gilneas. The corruption that seems to haunt the forest is also present in the town.


After the loss of Duskhaven, the Gilnean refugees at Greymane Manor were sent to the east. Despite having a few problems in their way there, most of the survivors manage to reach Stormglen Village at the edge of the Blackwald.[1] Here the fleeing residents of Duskhaven were hoping for safety into friendly open arms, but it was discovered that the residents of the town have disappeared without a trace, leaving the village abandoned. It is revealed that Alpha Prime and his Wolf Cult had attacked the village and converted some of the townspeople into worgen. Those that resisted their "blessings" were killed.[2]

The village was almost intact, but a group of spiders known as the Vilebrood overrun the eastern section of the settlement. An adventurer was sent to dispatch them.[3] The spiders didn't stop coming, so the adventurer was sent to the Vilebrood nest at Rygna's Lair to kill their broodmother, Vilebrood Matriarch Rygna.[4]

There was an old man named Bradshaw that kept a journal of the events transpiring at Stormglen. After recovering its lost pages, Lorna Crowley was able to know where the town citizens had gone to. As like the rest of Gilneas, Stormglen was also attacked by the worgen. Eventually, the survivors (presumably those that escaped the Wolf Cult) left for Tempest's Reach in the mountains to the east.[5]

After the events in the Blackwald, the adventurer returned to Stormglen, telling the refugees to continue east, through the Blackwald, and into the mountains to Tempest's Reach.[6]


Just outside the main entry
Behind the inn
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Water near graveyard[63.7, 94.9]



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