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Stormsong Valley

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NeutralStormsong Valley
Level: 110 - 120
Battle Pet Level: 25
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Former ruler(s)

Mob   Lord Stormsong †

Major settlements
Minor settlements

Northern Kul Tiras

PvP status

Stormsong Valley is the northernmost region of Kul Tiras, bordering Tiragarde Sound to the south. These fertile and verdant lands are home to House Stormsong and are dotted with numerous farms and shipyards. Stormsong Valley is the breadbasket of Kul Tiras,[1] with the vast amount of food it produces. Stormsong also builds and blesses all Kul Tiran vessels, and tidesages board the largest ones for guidance at sea.

Recently, House Stormsong's fall to Queen Azshara and the Horde's invasions have heralded a time of chaos for the inhabitants of the valley. The Storm's Wake took up arms to protect the people of Stormsong against these threats. This group is mainly based out of the largest and most central town, Brennadam.


It is ruled by House Stormsong, and the people of the region are devoted to the sea with a fanatical, religious fervor.[2] This includes the religious sect known as the Tidesages. It was the current Lord Stormsong's grandfather who led the Tidesages to the valley.[3] Stormsong Valley contributes the largest amount of ships–and of the highest quality–to Kul Tiras, and the Tidesages bless each ship methodically. All of its people are devoted to this singular endeavor, but recent troubles have led to a stoppage of construction. The Alliance will need to get to the bottom of this to secure their new navy.[4]


The lands of Stormsong Valley are lush with green grasses and rock-strewn rolling hills. Wildlife and plant growth thrive here, fed by the inland streams and the invigorating sea air. It is a region made rich by the harmony between both land and sea. The Highland Pass is the only land route into Stormsong Valley, but a blockade halts passage between Brennadam and the rest of Kul Tiras. On the western coast, Fort Daelin protects a levee holding back the sea from sinking the area. Emboldened by the soldiers neglecting their duties, the territorial quilboar are encroaching on the south. On an island to the northeast resides the seat of power for both House Stormsong and the tidesages: the Shrine of the Storm. Its very foundations are carved into the rocky outcroppings, and the sign of the kraken adorns its ancient structures.[5]

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Map of Stormsong Valley.

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Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Shrine of the Storm 110 - 120 5 player Unknown
Instance portal Crucible of Storms 120++ 10-30 player Unknown

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Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Tiragarde Sound HordeAlliance 110 - 120 South ???

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