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Stormwind City (film universe)

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For the city from the main universe, see Stormwind City.
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.
Stormwind as seen in Warcraft.

Stormwind City[1][2] (commonly referred to as Stormwind and city of Stormwind)[3] is the capital city of the humans of the kingdom of Stormwind, located in Elwynn Forest. It sits in a protected coastal bay, designed for maximum defense.[4]

It's here that the Alliance against the Horde was formed.


The city saw a royal wedding - King Wrynn's son, prince Llane Wrynn married Taria Lothar, sister to captain of Stormwind's soldiers Anduin Lothar. Following this, trolls besieged the city and forced its people to prepare for evacuation. With the help of the Guardian Medivh, the trolls were defeated and the city was saved, although the king sacrificed himself and Llane became the new king of Stormwind. A statue of Medivh was built.[5]


  • Stormwind Keep
  • Stormwind Battlements
  • Stormwind barracks
  • Harbor
  • Market square / marketplace[6]
  • Stormwind Cathedral
  • Outer gate
  • Inner wall


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The city's huge cathedral is home to the priests of the Light,[7] a faith shared by many of the city's inhabitants.[8][9]


The city of Stormwind is depicted close to its World of Warcraft incarnation. The districts can be visually identified by the colors of their roofs and the Cathedral of Light, Stormwind Keep and the harbor can all be seen.

The Valley of Heroes is a bit different, not containing statues of heroes. A big statue of Medivh can be seen in the city though.