Strange Bedfellows

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NeutralStrange Bedfellows



110 (Requires 110)




38g 80s




N Demon hunter [110] Rune Ruination



Meet Malace Shade on the bridge at the Gates of Valor and then slay Lochaber.


The reason why I came out here was to capture or kill a fel lord named, Lochaber. I am no longer in a capturing mood.

I'll grab my weapon and then head up to the bridge in front of the Gates of Valor. That place is a scary mess full of Felskorn vrykul and demons.

How do you think I got caught? So, I'd rather not go back in there. But, I think I know a way to get the demon to come out to us.


You will receive: 38g 80s


<As she begins to stealth away, Malace whispers in your ear.>

Very well, Illidari, a deal is a deal. Your keystone was always safeguarded within the Vault of the Wardens next to Illidan's corpse, hidden within the platform itself.

<Malace then tells you how to touch the stones of the platform within the Vault of the Wardens just so in a particular location so that the Sargerite Keystone will be revealed. Afterwards, she disappears in a puff of smoke and is gone.



Quest accept
Malace Shade says: I will see you ahead on the bridge. But first, I must find my weapon.
Malace stealths away...
Malace Shade at bridge
The fel lord, Lochaber, is hiding somewhere in that mess up there. I have no desire to go anywhere near the gates just to kill one demon. We'd end up having to wade through hundreds.
One thing I learned while having him imprisoned is that he's got quite the ego. So, I'm going to call him out in front of all the others.
<Malace stifles a very unwarden-like giggle.>
Let me know when you're ready, demon hunter.
Gossip Ready when you are. Taunt away.
Malace Shade yells: Lochaber! Come demon, face us. If you are not afraid, that is.
Lochaber comes running to the bridge.
Lochaber yells: I FEAR NOTHING! I will kill you on my own. Caria and Varedis send their best regards, <name>.
The demon hunter adventurer, assisted by Malace Shade, defeats Lochaber.
Lochaber says: If you only knew what was coming...


Level 98

  1. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Call of the Illidari
  2. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] The Power to Survive
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Eternal Vigil
  5. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Securing the Way
  6. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Return to Mardum
  7. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Unbridled Power
  8. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Spoils of Victory
  9. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Cursed Forge of the Nathrezim
  10. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] The Hunter's Gaze
  11. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Time is of the Essence
  12. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Direct Our Wrath

Level 101

  1. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Return to the Fel Hammer (optional)
  2. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Things Gaardoun Needs
  4. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Broken Warriors
  5. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Loramus, Is That You?
  6. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Demonic Improvements
  7. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Additional Accoutrements

Level 103

  1. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] The Blood of Demons
  2. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Immortal Soul
  3. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Leader of the Illidari
  4. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] The Arcane Way
  5. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Move Like No Other
  6. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Back in Black
  7. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Confrontation at the Black Temple
  8. Complete all of:
  9. Complete all of:

Level 110

  1. N Demon hunter [110] Deal With It Personally
  2. N Demon hunter [110] Malace in Vrykul Land
  3. N Demon hunter [110] Rune Ruination
  4. N Demon hunter [110] Strange Bedfellows
  5. N Demon hunter [110D] Vault of the Wardens: Vault Break-In
  6. N Demon hunter [110] The Crux of the Plan
  7. N Demon hunter [110] Two Worthies
  8. Complete both:
  9. Complete both:
  10. N Demon hunter [110] Jump-Capable
  11. N Demon hunter [110] A Final Offer
  12. N Demon hunter [110] The Invasion of Niskara
  13. N Demon hunter [110] Last, But Not Least
  14. N Demon hunter [110] I Am the Slayer!
  15. N Demon hunter [110] One More Thing...
  16. N Demon hunter [110] A Hero's Weapon

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