Strange Spore

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Strange Spore

Strange Spore is found at [55.8, 20.0] on top of a mushroom in northeastern Umbrafen in northeastern Shadowmoon Valley.

To get to the top of the mushroom, start at Exarch's Rise, the high point above Elodor, where the capstone quest in "The Pursuit of Justice" chapter of the Shadowmoon Valley storyline played out. From the rise at [60.5, 20.6] look north and down to the pool of water and get down there. From the rock outcrop at [60.1, 18.0] at the northwestern end of the pool, look uphill to the northwest to find a similarly-sized rock outcrop two ledges up. On the ledge at [59.5, 17.5] where that outcrop is (don't bother trying to get on top of that rock!), follow the ledge to the southwest until it ends at [57.8, 18.3] overlooking the Umbrafen.

Carefully jump down two levels, and at [57.4, 18.7] turn northwest, then jump down another ledge and then follow the path to it's end, stopping at [56.2, 18.4]. From there, it should be an easy jump on top of the mushroom to reach the Strange Spore. Loot it to acquire the  [Umbrafen Spore], a companion pet.

Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe) map
Start here, Exarch's Rise @ 60.5,20.6
Strange Spore @ 55.8,20.0

Tracking quest

To check whether the Strange Spore has been looted, copy and paste this command into the chat window:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(35600))

If a "true" appears in the chat window, the Strange Spore has been looted; "false" indicates the opposite.

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