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Strength gems

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Bonuses for Strength can only be obtained through Red gems, Orange gems and Purple gems.

Color Name Effect(s)
UI-EmptySocket-Red.png Red  [Bold Tourmaline] +4 Strength
 [Bold Blood Garnet] +6 Strength
 [Bold Living Ruby] +8 Strength
 [Don Amancio's Heart] +8 Strength
 [Don Rodrigo's Heart] +8 Strength
 [Bold Crimson Spinel] +10 Strength
 [Bold Bloodstone] +12 Strength
 [Perfect Bold Bloodstone] +14 Strength
 [Bold Scarlet Ruby] +16 Strength
 [Bold Cardinal Ruby] +20 Strength
 [Bold Dragon's Eye] +34 Strength
UI-EmptySocket-Red.pngUI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png Orange  [Inscribed Flame Spessarite] +3 Strength +3 Crit Rating
 [Inscribed Noble Topaz] +4 Strength +4 Crit Rating
 [Inscribed Pyrestone] +5 Strength +5 Crit Rating
 [Inscribed Huge Citrine] +6 Strength +6 Crit Rating
 [Perfect Inscribed Huge Citrine] +7 Strength +7 Crit Rating
 [Champion's Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Defense Rating
 [Champion's Huge Citrine] +6 Strength +6 Defense Rating
 [Perfect Champion's Huge Citrine] +7 Strength +7 Defense Rating
 [Resplendent Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Resilience Rating
 [Resplendent Huge Citrine] +6 Strength +6 Resilience Rating
 [Resplendent Monarch Topaz] +8 Strength +8 Resilience Rating
 [Inscribed Ametrine] +10 Strength +10 Crit Rating
UI-EmptySocket-Blue.pngUI-EmptySocket-Red.png Purple  [Sovereign Shadow Draenite] +3 Strength +4 Stamina
 [Sovereign Nightseye] +4 Strength +6 Stamina
 [Sovereign Tanzanite] +5 Strength +6 Stamina
 [Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst] +5 Strength +7 Stamina
 [Sovereign Shadow Crystal] +6 Strength +9 Stamina
 [Perfect Sovereign Shadow Crystal] +7 Strength +11 Stamina
 [Sovereign Twilight Opal] +8 Strength +12 Stamina
 [Sovereign Dreadstone] +10 Strength +15 Stamina
 [Etched Tanzanite] +5 Strength +4 Hit Rating
 [Etched Twilight Opal] +8 Strength +8 Hit Rating