Strike While the Iron is Hot (Lumber Mill) (Alliance)

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AllianceStrike While the Iron is Hot

93 (Requires 92)




Item level 542 trinkets
 [Outpost Building Assembly Notes]
1g 89s

For the Horde version of this quest, see H [93] Strike While the Iron is Hot.


Speak to Rangari Rajess to fly to the Iron Approach and attack the Iron Horde.


With the  [Will of the Genesaur], we wield a powerful weapon.

Our scouts have discovered an Iron Horde base, and I believe this is the time to seize an opportunity.

They amass far to the north at the Iron Approach. This will not be easy, but we must deal a blow to the Iron Horde while we possess the artifact.

We are prepared to depart at your command. Speak with Rangari Rajess when you are ready.


You will receive one of:

Item level 542 trinkets
Inv misc bone 03.png [Goc's Trophy] Spell holy mindsooth.png [Genesaur's Greatness]
Inv misc armorkit 20.png [Commander Gar's Iron Insignia]

You will also receive:  [Outpost Building Assembly Notes] and 1g 89s


We must eradicate the Iron Horde.


We have dealt a great blow to the Iron Horde, commander. We will defeat them yet.


  • 1410 XP


Head to the flight master:

Even the skies can be dangerous in Gorgrond. Be on your guard.

Gossip I am needed urgently at the Iron Docks.

This begins a single-player scenario. As it can only be done once, it is documented here.

Stage 1: The Confrontation

Confront Commander Gar.

Speak with Yrel:

I'm glad you made it here safely. Are you ready?

Gossip Let's go.

Yrel says: The Iron Horde have no idea how much potential lies within the artifact. Let us give them a proper demonstration, shall we?
Commander Gar says: Ahh, there it is. There's MY artifact. How foolish of me to trust Brak with something so valuable.
Commander Gar says: It's a shame that you're too late to stop me. Surrender the artifact, and I will allow you to escape with your lives.
Yrel yells: We will never surrender to you! Champion, now is the time! Use the artifact!
Commander Gar says: Hahahaha, so be it! IRON HORDE, ADVANCE!

Stage 2: Harnessing the Power

Use the artifact to eliminate your enemies.

The bonus access button appears:

  • Accessing Primal Artifact Instant (1 min cooldown)

Using the bonus action button will summon a primal for 30 seconds that can defeat nearly everything on the field. Once everything's dead, the next stage begins.

Stage 3: Bolstering their Forces

Defeat the incoming enemies using the power of the artifact.
Commander Gar yells: Gronnlings, attack!

Several waves of forces charge in. When the cooldown on the bonus action button comes up, use it again. On a timer, Gar will release some iron stars. Just like in the Garrosh Hellscream encounter, dodge them. Fortunately, there's no wall for them to run in to and explode, though.

Commander Gar yells: RELEASE THE IRON STARS!

Once the gronnlings are dead, the next stage begins.

Stage 4: The Son of Gruul

Defeat Goc.
Commander Gar yells: You will never withstand the might of Goc!

As before, wait for the bonus action button to come off cooldown and use it to finish the fight.

Final Stage: The Final Confrontation

Defeat Commander Gar.
Commander Gar yells: NO! I will DIE before I let you take what is mine! YOU... WILL NOT... WIN... THIS... WAR! AAARRRRGHH!
Gar manages to launch an artillery attack which destroys the artifact!
Yrel says: The artifact... What has he done?! We must restore it, we must get it to safety!
Commander Gar yells: Hahaha! Not so confident now, are we?! Face me on even ground, cowards!
Yrel says: With pleasure.
Yrel says: Brace yourself, champion. The light is with you. I will not let you fall.

Gar will still release Iron Stars on a timer, but also has his own special ability, launching a barrage of attacks from his person, attacking everything indiscriminately within 40 yards or so.

Commander Gar yells: See what weapons I have in my arsenal!

Finish him off.


Yrel says: It is over, their defenses are shattered. We have won this battle, but without the artifact we have far to go.
Yrel says: Let us rally back at your outpost, commander. We must plan our next course of attack.

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