Striker Ga'dok

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BossStriker Ga'dok
Image of Striker Ga'dok
Gender Male
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level 91 - 92 Elite
Mana 21,620 - 22,012
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Gate of the Setting Sun
Status Killable

Striker Ga'dok is the second boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


Adventure Guide

The strikers are an aerial component of the mantid empire's massive army. Among them are seasoned aces such as Ga'dok. Able to singlehandedly rain fiery devastation upon scores of enemies, Ga'dok and his minions seek to bring death from above to the gates' defenders.


  • Ability racial cannibalize.png  Prey Time — Strike Ga'dok charges a nearby enemy and devours them, inflicting 30000 Physical damage every sec for 5 secs.
  • Ability creature poison 03.png  Impaling Strike Healer Alert — Impales the target dealing 50% of the targets health.
  • Spell fire selfdestruct.png  Strafing Run Important — Upon reaching 70% and 30% health Striker Ga'dok strafes the platform with fire bombs which deal 15000 Fire damage a sec to enemies caught in them.
  • Krik'thik Disruptor — Continuously bombards the platform with acid bombs.
    • Spell nature corrosivebreath.png  Acid Bomb — Mantid Fliers periodically bombard the platform with acid bombs which deal 15000 Nature damage a sec. to enemies caught within them.
  • Krik'thik Striker — Attacks players on the platform during Striker Ga'dok's strafe runs.


He'll Prey Time at a random player and heal that player. He'll do a Strafing Run and throw Acid Bombs. Deal with Mantid Strikers during the phase.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Acid-Scarred Spaulders]  [Acid-Scarred Spaulders] DPS plate shoulders
 [Impaler's Girdle]  [Impaler's Girdle] Agility mail belt
 [Airstream Treads]  [Airstream Treads] Spirit leather boots
 [Bomber's Precision Gloves] Caster cloth gloves
 [Vision of the Predator] DPS caster trinket


I'll hurl your corpses from this tower.
Killing a player
  • You join a battle that already lost!
  • Air superiority!
  • As expected!
Unused quotes
  • Keep those archers off the wall. Raigonn must reach the gate.
  • Our numbers... endless! You cannot... win.

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