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NeutralStudents No More

87 (Requires 86)




20g 40s


N [87] Retreat!


Find the martial arts students, then help them defeat an Ik'thik Bloodrager, Incubator, Tendon-Slicer, and Fearmonger.


Those five students - the ones who were looking for the Hidden Master - they went up to the front lines, alone. I'd send Shado-Pan to aid them, but I haven't got any left.

There's dangerous creatures up there near the wall. If you find those students, make sure that they haven't fallen to any of them.


You will receive: 20g 40s


They can't keep fighting like this forever. Those kids are downright heroic, but I don't want them to die as heroes.

It's time to throw in the towel.


  • 161000 XP


Head southeast toward the wall. The five are cycling between two points in the scar, one to the north and one to the south. Xiao will call out:

Xiao yells: <Name>! Over here!

If you happen to find them dead in a pile, just kill the mobs near them and they will jump up alive and ready to go.

Clever Ashyo says: Return from where you came, mantid.
Ken-Ken yells: Yeah! Get back over your wall, you jikkety-dooks!

Depending on when the player has caught up to them they will be fighting one of four mobs:

They run from the north to the scar to fight the tendon-slicer:

Ik'thallik Tendon-Slicer
Ik'thallik Tendon-Slicer yells: For the pride of the mantid!

He vanishes like a rogue fairly frequently.

Xiao says: Which way did he go?


Clever Ashyo says: For the jinyu!
Ken-Ken says: For the hozen!
Clever Ashyo, Kang Bramblestaff, Ken-Ken yells: For Pandaria!!
Lin Tenderpaw yells: For Pandaria!!!
Xiao yells: For Pandaria!

They will run to the south to the Fearmonger.

Ik'thallik Fearmonger
Ik'thallik Fearmonger says: I will show you the face of fear.

She summons big blue orbs that will cause whoever is hit to run in fear for 10+ seconds.

Ken-Ken yells: What the ook? Look out! Scary circle!


  • (If the Fearmonger was not the last one: Kang Bramblestaff says: Let's keep moving! I see another big one, down there!)
Xiao says: That made me hungry.
Clever Ashyo chuckles.
Clever Ashyo says: Everything makes you hungry, Xiao.

They will run back to the scar to fight the Bloodrager.

Ik'thallik Bloodrager
Ik'thallik Bloodrager yells: I will drain the red blood from your bodies!

He has a spin move:

Lin Tenderpaw says: Stay away from those claws - they look sharp!

And a fixate:

Ik'thallik Bloodrager yells: I will hunt you down, soft-skin...
Ik'thallik Bloodrager is chasing you. Run!


Lin Tenderpaw says: Woo hoooooo!
Ken-Ken says: These mankers messed with the wrong hozen!
Clever Ashyo says: Mankers?
Kang Bramblestaff says: No time, brothers! We've got to keep fighting!

They run from the scar noth to fight the egg-matron.

Ik'thallik Egg-Matron
Ik'thallik Egg-Matron yells: Her Majesty's brood will sweep over this valley!

She spawns a large number of eggs:

Ik'thallik Egg-Matron says: You cannot stop Her Majesty's brood! Our numbers are endless!
Kang Bramblestaff yells: <Name>, take care of those eggs! We'll focus on the big mama!

After killing the fourth:

Kang Bramblestaff says: We cannot fight like this forever.
Kang Bramblestaff yells: <Name>, go speak to Guard Captain Oakenshield. Tell him we need reinforcements!


  1. N [87] The Swarm Begins & N [87] The Mantidote & B [87] It Does You No Good In The Keg
  2. N [87] Students No More
  3. N [87] Retreat!
  4. N [87] The Savior of Stoneplow
  5. N [87] The Gratitude of Stoneplow

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