Study of the Elements: Rock (2)

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NeutralStudy of the Elements: Rock

39 (Requires 35)




N [37] Study of the Elements: Rock


Bring 3 Large Stone Slabs to Lotwil Veriatus in the Badlands.


<name>, you've already proven more able than all my apprentices combined.

The next parts I need require a little more strength. Large stone slabs can be found on rock elementals if you're careful enough. Their bodies are stronger and larger, and therefore more prone to having pieces large enough for my tests. You can find them further west of here or southeast along the mountains' edges.

Take your time; I'll need a while to test these smaller pieces you brought me.


I'm most pleased, <name>. My spells affected the smaller pieces just as I predicted. If this experiment is as successful as I foresee, then the elementals I'll be able to control will put anything summoned prior to this to shame.


<name>, simply amazing! I would have thought it'd take half a dozen tauren to bring all these to me.


Large Stone Slabs drop off of Rock Elementals located in the hills south of the quest giver and in the hills between Camp Cagg and the Mirage Flats. Remember you are looking for Rock Elementals NOT Lesser or Greater Rock Elementals.


  1. N [37] Study of the Elements: Rock
  2. N [39] Study of the Elements: Rock
  3. N [42] Study of the Elements: Rock
  4. N [42] This Is Going to Be Hard
  5. N [42] This Is Going to Be Hard
  6. N [45] This Is Going to Be Hard

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