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For the Island Expedition black dragon, see Stygia (black dragon).
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  • Stygia
  • The byproduct of the violent destruction of a Soul within the Maw.

Stygia drops from most mobs in the Maw. Ve'nari uses it as a currency.

A special feature of Stygia is that players will drop a portion of their stygia on death in the Maw. Should players manager to recover their corpse, they will be able to loot the Stygia they lost.


Stygia can be found on the corpses of most enemies, as well as a gift from freed souls. Additionally, other zone-wide sources include:

Maw currencies
Source Reputation Stygia Eye of the Jailer
Weekly quests (x2) 850 425 1 level
Wrath of the Jailer (weekly) 250 100 50% level
Perdition Hold weekly 1100 700 60% level
Daily quests (x2) 75 140 50% level
Perdition Hold daily 100 225 50% level
Rare mobs (daily) 80-100 ~50-80 30-50% level
Maw events (daily) 40 ~45 30%
Maw Lore (one-time) 100-150 n/a n/a

Currency for

Reputation Item Cost Purpose
n/a  [Cypher of Relocation] 60 "Hearthstone"
 [Anima Supricifer] 50 Quest item
Apprehensive  [Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits] 527 Torghast upgrade (death)
 [Extradimensional Pockets] 800 Torghast upgrade (obleron armaments)
 [Encased Riftwalker Essence] 1130 Maw upgrade (riftstones)
 [Soultwinning Scepter] 205 Stat buff
 [Oil of Ethereal Force] 165 Stealth + movement speed buff
Tentative  [Bangle of Seniority] 1135 Torghast upgrade (broker powers)
 [Sigil of the Unseen] 666 Maw upgrade (assassins)
 [Animated Levitating Chain] 1050 Maw upgrade (grappling hook)
 [Animaflow Stabilizer] 1650 Maw upgrade (teleporter)
 [Maw-Touched Miasma] 230 Torghast Mawrat skill
 [Sticky-Fingered Skeletal Hand] 210 Torghast lock bypass
Ambivalent  [Soul-Stabilizing Talisman] 775 Maw upgrade (abductors)
 [Ritual Prism of Fortune] 1025 Torghast upgrade (anima powers)
 [Phantasmic Infuser] 3760 Torghast upgrade (phantasma)
 [Memory of Jailer's Eye] 4986 Runecarver memory
Cordial  [Loupe of Unusual Charm] 1330 Torghast upgrade (broker powers)
 [Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist] 1575 Torghast upgrade (broker powers)
 [Unbound Reality Fragment] 1900 Conduit unlock/upgrade
 [Recipe: Crafter's Mark II] 300 Crafting reagent
Appreciative  [Possibility Matrix] 1525 Torghast upgrade (anima hoard)
 [Spatial Realignment Apparatus] 7200 Socket unlock

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