Subject Four

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MobSubject Four
Image of Subject Four
Gender Male
Race Raptor (Beast)
Level 13
Health 273
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Secret Lab, Azshara

Subject Four can be found wandering around the burning buildings of the Secret Lab. He was bred with Subject Nine to create a race of superior raptors.

Players should avoid him, as he can be very difficult to defeat despite his non-elite status. His "Hyper-Accelerated Suspension Beam" will deal approximately 100-150 damage, as well as disrupt players.

He cannot be tamed.



Ah, fresh sustenance!
Your miniscule intellect is no match for my superior claws!
First you, <race>. Tomorrow: the world!

On using his suspension beam ability:

You thought those long arms gave you an advantage, <race>? Think again!

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