Summoned Voidwalker

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NeutralSummoned Voidwalker
Image of Summoned Voidwalker
Race Voidwalker (Demon)
Level 10
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Undercity [84.4, 23.2],Stormwind City [36, 88],Orgrimmar [49.4, 50] and Ghostlands [26.3, 15.7]

The Summoned Voidwalker is a mob summoned by several early warlock quests. The player must summon and defeat a voidwalker in order to earn the demon's services. It can be found in Undercity[84.4, 23.2], Stormwind City[36, 88], Orgrimmar[49.4, 50] and Ghostlands[26.3, 15.7].

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