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Summons from the Depths

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Summons from the Depths is a scenario event occurring in Nazjatar.


First stage

The air crackles with power as Azshara's forces begin summoning a minion from the depths.
Queen Azshara says: Come, my loyal servants, greet our guests. After all, they traveled such a long way to pay us a visit.
Arcane Projection says: Let's make this a bit more interesting.
The Arcane Projection of Azshara begins casting [Empowered Summoning].
Arcane Projection yells: The chosen of Nazjatar answer to me. Behold!

Final stage - Empowered Monstrosity

Azshara herself has summoned and empowered the monstrosity, it must be slain!
  • Monstrosity Slain

The enemy in this stage varies. It can be the Fury of Azshara or the Unleashed Arcanofiend.


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