Sun Prophet Tenhamen

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MobSun Prophet Tenhamen
Image of Sun Prophet Tenhamen
Gender Male
Race(s) Tol'vir, N'raqi
Level 120 Elite
Health 1,086,423 - 1,220k
Mana 590,210
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Amathet, Black Empire
Occupation Prophet
Location Vault of Lights, Halls of Origination
Status Killable
His true form revealed!

Sun Prophet Tenhamen is a tol'vir located in the Vault of Lights in the Halls of Origination during N [120] The Halls of Origination. Once weakened, he will reveal his true form, Shith'rus the Manipulator, a n'raqi.


  • Ability paladin blindinglight2.png  Blinding Radiance — Roakk[sic] blinds all nearby enemies who look upon him, inflicting 0 Fire damage and stunning them for 6 sec.
  • Ability paladin blindinglight2.png  Blinding Radiance — Blinds all nearby enemies, inflicting Fire damage and stunning them for 4 sec.
  • Spell holy greaterheal.png  Heal — A slow casting spell that heals a single target for up to 806 hit points.
  • Spell holy holysmite.png  Holy Smite — Smites target enemy, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Spell priest void blast.png  Oblivion Wave — Inflicts 80 Shadow damage to all players and draining up to 100 Sanity. Players farther from the caster take less damage and Sanity loss.
  • Spell priest shadow mend.png  Touch of the Abyss — Stun an enemy, inflicting 5 Shadow damage every 1 sec for up to 3 sec.
  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Void Bolt — Inflict 10 Shadow damage.


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