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Sunblade Vindicator

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MobSunblade Vindicator
Image of Sunblade Vindicator
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 70 Elite
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Sunblade
Occupation Vindicator
Location Sunwell Plateau, Isle of Quel'Danas
Status Killable

Sunblade Vindicators are level 70 elite blood elves located at the Sunwell Plateau in the Isle of Quel'Danas.


  • Melee: for 2,700 - 8,200 physical damage.
  • Ability warrior savageblow.png  Brutal Strike — Inflicts 150% weapon damage.
  • Ability warrior cleave.png  Cleave — Inflicts weapon damage plus 100 to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 3 targets.
  • Ability warrior savageblow.png  Mortal Strike — Inflicts 4,400 - 12,000 physical damage and leaves the target wounded, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 5 sec.


  • Tauntable
  • Vulnerable to [Polymorph] and [Disarm]. Immune to stuns. Other forms of CC are unknown.

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