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Suramar Loyalist

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MobSuramar Loyalist
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Gender Both
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Level 45
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Suramar
Status Killable

Suramar Loyalists are nightborne located in Suramar.


  • Arcing Crash - Fires twin bolts of energy at a location, inflicting Arcane damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Night Bolt - Inflicts Arcane damage to an enemy.
  • Arc Blade - Magical energy empowers the caster's weapon inflicting Arcane damage.
  • Arcane Charge - Charges an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage.

Objective of


  • Aargh!
  • Anath'ashar!
  • Arash-falas...
  • Forgive me... Elisande.
  • I cannot lose to a lowborn!
  • Im... impossible.
  • It is hopeless to resist...
  • Lowborn scum!
  • No mercy for outlanders!
  • No! It is not my time....
  • None may challenge us!
  • Scum like you should obey your betters.
  • The shal'dorei will rule!
  • This cannot be...
  • Tor'theras falar!
  • Tremble before our strength!
  • We are... the chosen ones...
  • We have... failed.
  • Your death is certain!
  • Your death is fated!
  • Your star is fading!

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